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Agricultural Science

  • Plants

www.kapsenbergdesign.com - This site will help your child to identify some plants by their names.

www.mbgnet.net - This site will help your child to name the basic parts of a flowering palnt.

www.blm.gov -  This lesson introduces children to basic parts of a plant and flower.

urbanext.illinois.edu -  This site provides an introduction to flower parts.

www.amnh.org -  Visit this site for more resource on parts of a flower.

  • Uses of Plants

www.slideshare.net - This presentstion teaches the uses of plants in our daily life.

www.essortment.com -  This is a lesson on uses of plant in human life.

  • Farm animals

www.buzzle.com -  This lesson will help you identify some farm animals.

h2g2.com -  This lesson will introduce yoyr chuild to types of farm animals and their uses.

  • Uses of Farm animals
  • Land and its uses

schoolagric.blogspot.com - This site intrioduces students to the definition of land, its types and uses.

  • Sun and its uses

www.corporateknights.com -  This is a lesson on the uses of sun.

www.slideshare.net - This is a cool site for kids to learn about the sun.

  • Air and its uses

www.edu.gov.mb.ca - This is a lesson plan for  parents to teach kids about hair and its uses.

sciencenetlinks.com -  This is a lesson on properties of air. It also provides activitoes to aid students understanding.

inquiryproject.terc.edu - This a lesson on properties of air.

  • Water and its uses

www.health.gov.au -  This site provides a lesson non the importance and uses of water.

  • Food
  • Basic Farm Tools

agrobizinfo.blogspot.com - Check out this ste for a list of farm tools.

etc.usf.edu -  This site provides a list of nfarm tools and their uses.

  • Useful Farm Insects

www2.kenyon.edu - On this site, you wil find informaion on nthe usefulness of a honey bee.

bijlmakers.com - This site introduces students to insects thst produse useful products.

www.handipoints.com - Check outb this site for a fun lesson on helpful insects.

groundtoground.org - This lesson discusses ten useful insects in our garden.

  • Harmful Farm Insects

plantfairnursery.com -This site will introduce your child to a list of harmful insects.

www.iaszoology.com - This lesson discusses the economic importanbce of insect as well as introduces you to harmful insects.

www.michfb.com - This is a worksheet that helps you as a parent or tutor to teach your kids about harmful insects.

  • Farmers’ friend- Earthworm

www.natureswayresources.com - This lesson discusses earthworm asa gardner's best friend.

www.myradakvk.org - This lessosn teaches that earthworm is a farmer's friend.

www.superteacherworksheets.com - This sia worksheet on the above topic; it provides a short lesson on  The Farmer's Friend.

www.unce.unr.edu - This site will helpyour kid to learn about the earthworm.

  • Farmers enemies-Rodents and Birds
  • Energy giving food-carbohydrate]

k8schoollessons.com - This lesson introduces students to carbohydrate, types and carbohydrates and uses.

apjcn.nhri.org.tw - Visit this site to learn about energy giving food.

  • Body building food- protein
  • Fruit and vegetables

www.greatgrubclub.com - This site provides a fun lesson about fruits and vegetables that bwill help your child to identify different fruits and vegetables.

www.cdph.ca.gov - This is a kesson on the importance of fruits and vegetables.

www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org - This site provides a relevant lesson on fruits and vegetables.

athletics.macalester.edu - This is a nutrition chart on fruit and vegetable.

  • Oily/fatty Foods

www.buzzle.com - This is a lesson on types of Fatty foods.

  • Balanced Diet

www.wikihow.com -  This lesson teaches kids how to maintain a balanced diet.

www.healthline.com - This site provides a simple lesson on balanced diet.

www.cyh.com - This site provides a useful lesson on balanced diet.

asbiology101.files.wordpress.com - This site provides a lesson on balanced diet.

  • Grain Crops

photographicdictionary.com - This site will help you child to identify some types of grains and their uses.

www.recipetips.com - Check out this site for lesson on grain crops.

  • Tuber Crops

www.celkau.in - Check out this site for examples of tuber crops.

www.fao.org - This site provides a useful resource on roots and timber.

collections.infocollections.org - Check out this site for a lesson on roots and tuber.

www.faocorporate.org -  This site provides a lesson on roots and timber.

  • Fruit Crops

www.fruit-crops.com - This site provides a a clickable list of fruit crops.

www.fruitsinfo.com - This site teaches the benefits of fruit crops.

  • Vegetable Crops

photographicdictionary.com - Check out this site for a clickable list of vegetable crops.

www.vegetable-gardening-advice.com - This site provides a useful resource on vegetable plant identification.

englishwilleasy.com - This site introduces students to different types of vegetables.

  • Ornamental Crops

caintaplantnursery.com - This site introduces students to some ornamental plants.

www.gardeningknowhow.com - This site contains a clickable list of ornamental plants that will interest kids.