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Basic Science and Technology

  • Exploring Your Surrounding

lrrpublic.cli.det.nsw.edu.au - This is a lesson on differences between living things and non living things. It introduces pupils to living things and non living things around us.

humph.org -  This is a cool site for pupils to learn about living thongs and non living things.

  • Soil

www.ducksters.com - This site contains an easy to read lesson on soil.

  • Air

education.jlab.org - Check out this site for a useful resource on the above topic.

  • Water

www.arvindguptatoys.com - This lesson discusses the importance of water, its uses, sources and important concepts related to water.

  • Concept of Technology
  • Colour Identification

preschoolmom.com - This is a simple lesson oon colour Identification.

www.sheppardsoftware.com - This is a learning game that teaches colour identification.

www.kidsgoflash.com -  This is an interactive learning game you can play with your kids to see how many colors they already know.

  • Simple Machine Identification

www.sedl.org - This is a simple lesson that helps kids to learn about the simple machine.

www.engquest.org.au - This is an interesting lesson, it provides a simplified note with picture to help kids with identification.

  • The Senses

 www.bestschoolgames.com - A fun way to learn basic information about each of the 5 senses and test your learning with a fun quiz game.

www.momtastic.com - This is an activity game that encourage children to use their five senses.

www.turtlediary.com - This eduactional game will encourage your child to name the five sense, name the body parts used for each sense, tell the function of each sense and tell how it is used in our senses in everyday life.

www.lakeshorelearning.com - This is a printable worksheet game on the five senses; it will help you evaluate your kids on the five sense.

  • Harmful Substances
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • The Human Body
  • Soil Types
  • Air and Water floatation

www.fernbank.edu - This lesson will introduce your kids to things that float and things that sink.

  • Additional note

postconflict.unep.ch - This is an aditional note that covers a wide range of topics on this subject.