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Computer Studies

  • A Computer

goodwincollege.edu - An illustrated document giving a general overview of a computer

  • Parts of computers

rtlibrary.org - An overview of a computer's components and basic operations

www.functionx.com - An overview of the parts of a computer and an introduction to the Microsoft Windows operating system

www.fayette.k12.il.us - This website offers information on the physical parts of a computer

  • Uses of computers

www.vfu.bg - This document covers the parts and uses of computers in various settings.

ict123.wordpress.com -  This  website teaches the Uses of a Computer.

  • Computers in Workplaces

www.slideshare.net - Exposes students to the uses of computeres in different fields.

  • Description of parts of a Computer

www.functionx.com - An overview of Computer and Deacription of  monitor, system unit, keyboard  and mouse.

cbse.gov.in - This site provides an introduction to computer hardware.

  • Computerised Devices
  • History of Computer
  • Input Devices and Output Devices

 www.it.iitb.ac.in - In this lesson, you will learn about input and output devices with examples.

www.ignou.ac.in -  This is a comprehensive lesson on input and output devices. it also allows users to test their understanding of the topic.

dce.kar.nic.in - This lesson provides an introduction to input and output devices with pictorial examples.

vfu.bg -  You will find a information on input and output devices with their uses on  page 5-19 of this lesson.

  • The System Units

joung.im.ntu.edu.tw -  This is an interactive lesson on system unit components.

www.cs.sjsu.edu -  In this lesson, Valerie Williams teaches the Components of a System Units.

  • Component of a System Unit

web.moe.gov.my - In this lesson, you will learn the component of a system unit and their uses.

  • Storage Devices

www2.nkfust.edu.tw - On this site, you will find a lesson on Storage Devices.

www.maths.tcd.ie -  This is a lesson on types of Storage Devices.

ebpl.org - This is a short lesson on computer storage devices.

  • Floppy Diskette

www2.bgsu.edu - This lesson describes the parts of a flopy disk.

education-portal.com - This lesson teaches the definition, advantages and disadvantages of floppy disk.

  • Additional note

vfu.bg - This is a useful resource on Computer studies.

teachmecomputers.tripod.com - This is a cool site for children to learn about the computer.