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Home Economics

  • The Human Body

www.kizclub.com - This lesson will help your child to identify various body parts.

Kidspicturedictionary.com - This is a pictured ictioanry on parts of the body.

  • Daily Care of the Body

www.cyh.com -  This lesson will teach your kids how to care for each part of the body.

www.wikihow.com - This is a useful lesson on how to take care of  the body.

  • Care of Hands and Feet

nursing411.org - This is a lesson on care of hands and feet.

  • Care of the Mouth, Teeth and Tongue

www.pmldnetwork.org -  Page 6 of this lesson introduces children to toothbrushing techniques.

www.simplestepsdental.com - This site provides a short lesson on cleaning your mouth an teeth.

www.nia.nih.gov - This lesson will inform your kids about possible oral diseases.

www.drellie.com -  Zellies.com provides a resource on oral health.

  • Care of Hair

www.wikihow.com - Check out this site for hair care tips.

www.aad.org -  This lesson introduces kids to common hair care practices.

www.fitnesshealth101.com - This site provides basic children's hair care tips.

  • Care of ear and nose
  • Care of the Eyes

www.wikihow.com - This site will introduce your kids to how to ways of caring for thr eyes.

www.cyh.com - This lesson that dicusses ways ofd preotecting the eyes.

  • The Home

www.slideshare.net - View this slideshare on parts of the house and furniture3s in the home.

www.englishexercises.org - This sis game exeercise on parts of the home. Here, you will find a video, crossword puzzle, word serach game and a song on different parts of the home.

  • Toilet Hygiene
  • The Home and its Surroundings
  • Food for Health
  • Good Feeding Habits

www.a-to-z-of-manners-and-etiquette.com -  This is a lesson on table manners for children.

www.emilypost.com -  This is a downloadable lesson on table manners; it points out the basic things every child should know about table maners.

www.sheknows.com - Sheknows presents a list that wil;l help you educate your child about table manners.

www.fssjax.org - Check out this site for basic table manners for kids.

  • Exercises
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Eating Good Food
  • Bathing
  • The Different Rooms in the Home
  • Home Furnishing
  • Harmful Substances that could be taken into the body
  • Care of Food
  • Grooming and Care of the Body