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Robinson Crusoe

by Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe is among the first novels written in English. Thanks to its extraordinary realism and drama, it is easily the longest-enduring work of popular fiction in the language. The story, probably based on the Pacific-island ordeal of castaway Alexander Selkirk, was presented by Daniel Defoe as a true account, and is utterly convincing in its topography, action, and character, even three hundred years after its first publication. Robinson Crusoe is a true page-turner: Dr. Samuel Johnson said it was one of only three books he had read that would have been better for being longer.
Sugar Girl

by Kola Onadipe
Raila is missing from home under mysterious and unfortunate circumstances. She goes through horrific ordeals, first in the hands of a wicked witch and then a hunter. Will she survive and return home safely…and under what circumstances?
The Broken Roof

by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta
This book is part of the phenomenally successful Oxford Reading Tree which is used to teach reading in 80% of primary schools. The stories within it are about much-loved Biff, Chip and Kipper, their friends and family, and the exciting adventures they have together.
Hello Beaky

by Jez Alborough
An egg tumbles down through the leaves and branches and shatters into pieces on the rainforest floor. Out pops Beaky, a creature with a bright blue beak, furry flaps and a curly orange tail. But what is he? A frog? A snake? A fish? Becky is determined to find out.
Moses in Egypt

by Lynne Reid Banks
My son, I have nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live.
With these words, a Hebrew mother places her infant son in a basket and sets him adrift on the Nile River. From his carefree days as a prince of Egypt to his flight into the desert, nothing can fully prepare Moses for what is to come.
Grimm's Fairy Tales

by JLC Grimm and WC Grimm
A complete collection of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales.
Home Sweet Home

by Rumiko Takahashi
From Rumiko Takahashi, the beloved creator of InuYasha and Ranma 1/2, comes the romantic (sort of) comedy Maison Ikkoku presented in a new edition in its original episodic order! Kyoko's meddling parents plot to get their daughter to give up her independence and move back home. Yusaku meets his (sort of) girlfriend's overzealous folks and then ends up on a never-ending visit to his own parents' house.




What a Country! by Ajibade, Kunle, Non-fiction-Nigeria 
What a Country!
by Ajibade, Kunle
Regional Banking And Economic Development in Nigeria by Orji, Herbert .O, Non fiction-Nigeria 
Regional Banking And Economic Development in Nigeria
by Orji, Herbert .O
Stepping Out by Obele, Cheryl Ann,Juvenile literature, Fiction Stepping Out
by Obele, Cheryl Ann


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