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Nigeria, fiction, Iweka Kingsley
Dappled Things

by Iweka Kingsley
This novella captures several socio-cultural predicaments that characterize Nigeria. The story maps the experiences of two characters: Cindy and Maggie. It is a story of pain, passion, grief, strength, betrayal, faith, and love.
Henry Ford: Young Man With Ideas

by Hazel B. Aird and Catherine Ruddiman
The early life of the American automotive industrialist who founded the Ford Motor Company and pioneered assembly-line methods of mass production.
Boy, Snow, Bird

by Helen Oyeyemi
Sparkling with wit and vibrancy, Boy, Snow, Bird is a deeply moving novel about three women and the strange connection between them.
Foreign Gods, Inc.

by Okey Ndibe
Foreign Gods, Inc. tells the story of Ike, a highly educated Nigerian barely making a living driving a cab in New York City. A bad marriage and his addiction to gambling and alcohol - not to mention financial demands from family in Nigeria - have pushed him into crisis.After learning about a high end Manhattan art dealer specializing in the sale of foreign gods, Ike hatches a desperate plan involving the theft of his old village's chief god. But on Ike's return to Nigeria, complications arise: political corruption, family conflicts, and rising tension between Christians and followers of Ngene, the war god he had returned to steal.

by Nnedi Okorafor
Three strangers, isolated by their own problems: the marine biologist. Anthony, the world famous rapper. Agu, the troubled soldier. Wandering Bar Beach in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, they are more than alone than they have ever been before. But when a meteorite hits the ocean and a tidal wave overcomes them, these three people will find themselves bound together in ways they have never imagined.Together with Ayodele, a visitor from beyond the stars, they must race through Lagos and against time itself in order to save the city, the world...and themselves.
The Secret History of Las Vegas

by Chris Abani
Before veteran detective Salazar can retire, he's determined to solve a recent spate of murders of Las Vegas's homeless. On Halloween he encounters a pair of conjoined twins wading in Lake Mead and is sure he has apprehended the killers. Their names: Water, strikingly handsome, and Fire, disfigured and sharp tongued - members of a side show on the outskirts of Las Vegas called the Carnival of Lost Souls. When they can't explain the container of blood found near their car, Salazar enlist the help of Dr Sunil Singh, a South African transplant who specializes in the study of psychopaths. Dr Singh is conducting a series of shadowy experiment on violent behavior for a local institute. Over the course of three days, as Sunil tries to crack the twins, the implications of his study grow darker and it becomes clear that he has his own demons to reckon with. Fire and Water, whose deformity is the result of their mother's exposure to radiation from the U S government's nuclear testing in the Nevada desert, have their own revenge in mind.
Nigerians in Space

by Deji Bryce Olukotun
It's Houston in 1993 and Dr Wale Olufunmi, lunar rock geologist, has a life most Nigerian immigrants would kill for. But then most Nigerians aren't Wale - a great scientific mind with galactic ambitions. Soon comes an unbelievable offer: return to Nigeria and help launch the country's nascent space program. With it comes an even more outlandish challenge: steal a piece of the moon from the lab where he works, and bring it with him to Nigeria as proof of his re-found loyalty. With both personal and national glory at stake, Wale manages to pull off near impossible, setting out on a journey back to Nigeria that leads anywhere but home.
Trail of Sacrifice

by Abubakar Gimba
This book exposes the decay and administrative planlessness in the political and educational systems of the imaginary nation of Kokania.




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by Ajibade, Kunle
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Regional Banking And Economic Development in Nigeria
by Orji, Herbert .O
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