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Adeyinka Oyekan

Adeyinka Oyekan (Oyekan II) was born on the 30th of June, 1911. He reigned as the Oba of Lagos from 1965 to 2003.

Adeyinka Oyekan attended the Methodist Boys High School and King's College, Lagos after which he studied Pharmacy at Yaba College of Higher Education. As a  devout Christian, he was a former Sunday School teacher and a member of the Tinubu Methodist Church.

In 1965, Adeyinka was crowned Oba and subsequently became a member of the Western House of Chiefs; this was during a crisis in the western region of Nigeria which resulted in many deaths. He reigned as Lagos Monarch from 1965 till 2003.

Adeyinka Oyekan was the second Christian Oba of Lagos, after Ibikunle Akitoye. He was considered a pacifist and bridge builder during his reign.

Adeyinka Oyekan was also a pharmacist under the Methodist Mission at Amachara and Umuahia in the then East Central State of Nigeria. During World War II, he served as a sergeant in the Third Field Ambulance 81st (W.A.) Division. After his military service he was employed with the Lagos State Ministry of Health.

He died on March 1, 2003 aged 91 and was succeeded by Rilwan Akiolu.