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Falomo High School students in Ikoyi, Lagos using the ZODML BookCorner

Launched in June 2013, ZODML’s BookCorner Project brings books into underserved Lagos State secondary schools to sustain the interest in books and reading ignited in the students through the Junior Secondary Reading Program and Senior Secondary Reading Programmes. Each BookCorner consists of two bookcases stocked with 400 titles drawn from various genres - fiction (a mixture of classics bestsellers), biographies and autobiographies, poetry, drama, reference books (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, etc.) and academic books - as well as a round table and two chairs. The receiving school nominates a prefect and two vice prefects from among the students who will run the BookCorner. These prefects are referred to as BookCorner prefects. ZODML provides basic librarian training to these prefects to enable them take charge of the BookCorner in their schools. ZODML staff visit the schools once a week to evaluate the usage. At the Beginning of each term, reading certificates are awarded to students who actively made use of the BookCorner in the previous term.BookCorner is presented to the school by a BookCorner Ambassador, a young successful person following a non-traditional career path. At each school, the Ambassador reads passages from their favourite books and talks to the students about the importance of reading. Our BookCorners currently serve over 5000 students in 10 junior and senior secondary schools.