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Basic Technology

  • Concept of technology
  • Technology and society
  • Who should study technology?
  • Career prospects and opportunities in technology

www.careercornerstone.org - This site provides a list and descriptions of engineering technology careers

 www.onetonline.org - Check out this site for a list of technology-related careers

  • Workshop safety rules and regulations

ellebidy.weebly.com - This site introduces students to basic workshop safety

web.wellesley.edu - This site provides a checklist for workshop safety

www.inf.ed.ac.uk - View this workshop safety policy sample from the Univeristy of Edinburgh

machineshop.olin.edu - This site provides a rules and regulations policy for workshop safety

  • Properties of materials

me.emu.edu.tr - For a simple note on material properties, visit this site

www.primaryresources.co.uk - Primary Resources exposes students to the properties of materials and their everyday uses

www.technologystudent.com - For notes on the physical properties of materials, visit this site

www.technologystudent.com2 - For notes on other physical properties of materials not included in the link above, check this website

  • Production of materials (wood, metals, clay, ceramics, glass, plastic and rubber)

www.nationalgrideducation - This site contains an introductory note on the production of materials, their groupings, and classifications

  • Drawing instrument and materials

www.newagepublishers.com - This site provides a simplified lesson note on drawing instruments and their uses

www.cartercenter.org - On page 11 of this link you will find a short note on drawing instruments and their uses

  • Board practice

 www.technologystudent.com - Visit this site to learn how to set up paper on a drawing board

www.ucvts.tec.nj.us - This site introduces students to engineering drawing and basic drawing tools

www.ic.polyu.edu.hk - This site exposes students to manual construction drawing practice

unaab.edu.ng - This site provides an introductory note on engineering drawing

project-handbook.pbworks.com - Visit the above site for notes on techniques of sketching

  • Freehand sketching

ef.engr.utk.edu - Check out this learning resource on freehand sketching

science.sbcc.edu - For lessons on freehand sketching and lettering techniques

facstaff.cbu.edu - Visit the above site for notes on freehand sketching techniques

  • Scales and Scale drawing

 web.dsbn.edu.on.ca - Check out the above site for a simplified note on scale drawing

gactaern.org - This site provides a comprehensive note on the topic of scales and scale drawing

  •  Isometric drawing

www.ucl.ac.uk - This site provides tips for making isometric drawings

web.mit.edu - For notes on isometric drawing, visit this site

www.uap-bd.edu - Visit this site for a tutorial on isometric drawing construction

  • Oblique drawing

www.uap-bd.edu - Check out the above site on drawing oblique views

www.technologystudent.com - This site provides a simple guide to oblique drawing

www.ucl.ac.uk - This site provides a short introduction to the topic of oblique drawing

  • Orthographic projection

www.ef.mtu.edu/courses - Check out this site for resources on orthographic drawing


www.ansatt.hig.no - This site contains an introductory note on orthographic projection

  • One-point perspective drawing

www.tomsclassnotes.com - On tomclassnotes.com, you will find a useful resource on one-point perspective drawing

www.instructables.com - This site provides simple instructional materials on how to draw a room using one-point perspective

arttechteacher.com - This site provides 29 lessons on one-point perspective

  • Woodwork hand tools

www.abmtools.com - This site provide a comprehensive list of woodworking and carpenter tools with images to help students identify each tool

d2amilv9vi9flo.cloudfront.net - This site provides a comprehensive lesson on woodworking and woodworking tools

www.ibiblio.org - This site provides a lesson note on maintenance and care of handtools

  • Woodwork machines

www.woodworkbasics.com - This site provides information about the most common and useful machines in woodwork

  • Simple woodwork projects

www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu - This site provides a guide on building a workbench

  • Metalwork hand tools

teachersunderground.co.uk - Check out this site for lesson on marking out tools

stoves.bioenergylists.org - This site contains useful information on metal working processes, tools, and machines

  • Metalwork Machines
  • Simple metalwork projects
  • Soldering and brazing

www.ignou.ac.in - This site provides a useful and simple lesson on soldering and brazing

mes2005.tripod.com - Check out this site for notes on soldering and brazing

  • Concepts of energy and power
  • Basic electronic devices

www.robotshop.com - Visit this site for notes on electronic devices

www.fke.utm.my/mine - For an introduction to electronic devices, visit this site

www.talkingelectronics.com - For notes on electron emission, visit this site

  • Types of building and material

www.vigyanprasar.gov.in - This site introduces students to building materials and building types

new age:buildingmaterial - For a comprehensive note on building materials, check out this site.

  • Foundation

www.abag.ca.gov - Check out this site for a lesson note on the topic of foundations

www.treadwellrollo.com/ - This document provides an introduction to building foundations and soil improvement methods

  • Walls
  • Floors

www.osha.gov/dte/grant_materials - This site provides note on floor types and treatments

www.swishclean.com - This site contains a simplified and organised note on floor types and their basic care

www.noskid.com - Check out this website for information about floor finishes and types

www.wiki.gcsphealth.com - This document provides an overview of dampness and porosity

constructionduniya.blogspot.com - To learn about the materials used for damp proofing, visit this site

  • Doors, windows and openings
  • Roofs
  • Simple blueprint reading

www.ttc-cogorno.com - This site provides information on blueprint reading fundamentals

www.aidt.edu - This link provides a student training manual on blueprint reading

www.scribd.com - The link exposes students to the rudiments of blueprint reading

  • Concept of maintenance

www.choa.bc.ca - This site provides a basic introduction to the concept of maintenance

ocw.mit.edu/courses - Check out the above site for lessons on types of maintenance

  • Simple maintenance

www.domesticappliances.co.za - Useful tips on appliance maintenence

  • Periodic maintenance
  • Fault detection
  • Information and communication technology
  • First aid and materials

www.redcross.org - This site teaches students to give simple first aid

www.grainger.com - Visit this site for information on basic first aid procedures

acutemedicaltraining.com - Check out this site for tips on putting a first aid kit together

www.fas.org - This site provides a comprehensive note on first aid and first aid material

  • Uses of materials
  • Geometrical construction (lines, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygon)

www.haesemathematics.com.au - This site teaches students to identify, measure and construct various angles with practice excercises to measure your understanding

chps-tandl.wikispaces.com - This site will help students learn line and triangle geometrical constructions

www.iitg.ernet.in - Check out this site to learn about line and circle geometrical constructions

www.g-w.com - This site provides information on geometrical construction. It covers lines, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons

  • Plane figures
  • Energy-based technological appliances
  • Transmission of electricity

www.tdpowerskills.com - This site provides a video lesson on the transmission of electricity

  • Site preparation
  • Setting out
  • Mechanical energy transmission system (friction, belt drives, gears, linear motion, rotary motion,air flow, pneumatics)
  • Simple electrical wiring