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Computer Studies

  • The computer system and basic computer concepts

udswacampusictclass.files.wordpress.com - This site exposes students to the concept of the computer system with copious examples

computer.atlas4e.com - On this site you will find notes on the component of a computer system

vfu.bg - This a cool site for learning computer basics

www.b-u.ac.in - This site provides an introductory note on the computer system. It also include questions to help students measure their understanding.

ict.stmargaretsacademy.org.uk - This site provides practice exercises to check your understanding of the topic

  • Data and information

www.tutorialspoint.com - For a simplified note on the meaning of data and information, as well as the qualities of good information

 www.slideshare.net - This slideshow contains simple and concise information on the topic

www.revisionworld.com - Visit Revision World for notes on computers, data, and information

  • Technology of different information ages

m2media.tripod.com - This site teaches students about the pre-computer age

adebimboye.blogspot.com - This blog provides information on computing devices from the pre-computer age to the 19th century with images

trillian.randomstuff.org.uk - Check out this website for a brief history of computing

  • Input devices

www.tutorialspoint.com - On the site, you will find useful resources on the topic of input devices

www.eazynotes.com - This is a beauiful site to visit for notes on input devices; it also provides a visual representation of each device

www.d.umn.edu - Check out this site for an interesting note on input devices

digitalunite.com - Digital Unite provides lessons on how to use a computer keyboard

www.gcflearnfree.org - Lessons on how to use a mouse

www.gcflearnfree.org - Follow this link for a typing tutorial

  • Output devices

 www.eazynotes.com - This site provides a detailed lesson on output devices

www.tutorialspoint.com - For a simple and concise note on output devices, check out this website

www.ctdlc.org - A tutorial on basic computer skills

  • Technology of information ages (Stone Age; Iron Age: hoe and cutlass; Middle Age: feather pen and ink; Industrial Age: machine; Electronic Age: computer and internet)

www.dandwiki.com - This site provides information on technology of different information ages

  • Information transmission
  • Computer communication system 
  • Information evolution
  • Data processing
  • Historical development of computers

www.csi.ucd.ie - Visit this link for notes on the history of computers

  • ICT as a transformational tool
  • ICT gadgets
  • ICT applications in everyday life

www.zurich.ibm.com - This site exposes students to the impact of information technology on society

  • System unit

classes.soe.ucsc.edu - This site provides notes on the central processing unit (CPU) i.e. what goes on inside a computer

education-portal.com - This site provides information on the definition, parts, and function of the CPU

www.cssforum.com.pk - Information on the CPU and its main components

homepage.cs.uri.edu - Check out this website to learn how a computer works

  • Fundamental computer operation

downloads.bbc.co.uk - Follow the above link for a beginner’s guide to using computers and the internet

  • Word processing

www.pitt.edu - Visit this site for an introductory note on word processors

www.slideshare.net - Check out this website for lessons on the basics of word processing

  • Computer ethics

wvmar.trincol.org - This site provides a simple note on computer room management ethics

  • Classification of computers

www.lsp4you.com - This site exposes students to the different generations of computers

www.slideshare.net - View this slideshow to learn about the classification and generations of computers

computeranditssolutions.blogspot.com - For a short and organised note on the classification of computers, check out this website

  • Computer system software

www.computerhope.com - This site provides a simplified note on computer software

www.uotechnology.edu - UO Technology provides a detailed note on the topic of system software

www.grassrootsdesign.com - Visit this website for a basic introduction to software

en.wikibooks.org - Check out this link for an introductory note on computer information systems/system software

  • Computer application software

www.educationscotland.gov.uk - For a comprehensive note on application software, visit this link

books.mcgraw-hill.com - This site contains information on basic application software

faculty.ksu.edu.sa - Follow this link for a detailed lesson on application software

  • Operating system

 www.uotechnology.edu.iq - A lecture note on operating systems

www.computerhope.com - A simple note on the topic of operating systems

  • Number base

www.eecs.wsu.edu - This site covers number systems, base conversions, and computer data representation

www.cs.duke.edu - For notes on number base conversion, visit this site

  • Units of storage in computers

www.tutorialspoint.com - Tutorials Point provides a simple and concise note on computer memory units

www.slideshare.net - View this slideshow to understand the units of storage in computers

www.aisect.org - This site exposes students to the secondary storage devices of a computer and its units of memory storage

www.asknumbers.com - This application helps you convert and compare computer memory units

www.translatorscafe.com - Visit the above site for definitions of units of information and a converter application

  • Programming languages

www.cs.toronto.edu -  Lessons on the levels of programming languages

www.slideshare.net - Check out this slideshow for an introduction to programmming languages

en.kioskea.net - Check out this site for a simple and downloadable note on programming languages


www.salford-systems.com - This site provides a guide to the BASIC programming language


bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de - This is the site to visit for a comprehensve note on BASIC

www.classiccmp.org - The site contains information for beginner programmers; you will find a step-by-step guide to learning BASIC programming

  • Graphic Packages

www.revisionworld.com - Here you will find a concise note on graphic packages

  • Internet

 people.du.ac.in - This site teaches students about the internet

people.du.ac.in/~ssirpalemail - This site provides important information on emailing

www.netliteracy.org - To learn basic email skills, visit this website

  • Safety measures
  • Digital divide
  • Database

www.slideshare.net - View a slideshow on database management systems

  • Spreadsheet packages

www.epa.gov - An introduction to spreadsheets

vfu.bg - This site introduces students to data analysis using spreadsheets

  • Worksheets

www.austincc.edu - Check out this site to see a sample worksheet

web.itu.edu.tr - This site introduces students to Microsoft Excel

web.utk.edu - The above site provides instructional materials for a practical session on Microsoft Excel

web.utk.edu/~dhouston - Practice your worksheet skills on this website

  • Graphs

academic.pgcc.edu - Resources on using Microsoft Excel for handling, graphing, and analysing, scientific data

www.wikihow.com - Visit this site to learn how to create a histogram in Microsoft Excel

courses.washington.edu - This website has a step-by-step guide to creating a histogram

passyworldofmathematics.com - This is a beautiful site for students who want to learn how to construct graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel. It also provides video lessons on the topic.

  • Human issues
  • Computer viruses

www.uhd.edu - Visit for a fact sheet on computer viruses

www.bbox.ch - This site provides detailed information on computer viruses

www.ipa.go.jp/security - This site teaches students to how to protect computers against viruses

www.coa.edu - Check out this site for a comprehensive tutorial on computer viruses

  • Additional Sites

uotechnology.edu.iq - A useful and wide-ranging study resource on Computer Studies