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English Language


  • Listening and producing different speeches

drewseslfluencylessons.com - This site contains listening exercises which covers a range of topics from different aspects.

  • Speech (Phonemes: vowel, consonant, intonation, stress and rhythm)

www.antimoon.com - Listen to vowel and consonant sounds at antimoon.com.

www.englishclub.com - This site provides an interactive avenue to learn your phonemic chart

www.pronuncian.com - For definition and categories of vowel sounds visit this website

www.pronuncian.com - For study lessons on vowel sound charts visit this website

www.pronuncian.com - This link provides video lessons on vowel and consonant sound charts

linguistics2012udgyecastroyungaicela.blogspot.com - For notes on intonation visit this website

www.slideshare.net - A slideshow on English stress and intonation

  • Reading for main ideas

dhp.com - This site teaches main ideas using passages with exercises.

vclass.mtsac.edu - For lessons on main ideas from paragraphs visit this website.

www.laflemm.com - To measure your understanding of the topic "Reading for Main Ideas" take the exercise on this site

  • Reading for supporting ideas

www.laflemm.com - Aids in recognition of supporting details

www.laflemm.com - Lessons on topic sentences and supporting details

  • Reading to answer specific questions

www.laflemm.com - Read notes on general and specific sentences

www.pearsonlongman.com - Check out this website for practice reading tests

www.massbay.edu - Learn strategies for answering questions

  • Reading for retention

www.slu.edu - This site reveals strategies for improving reading comprehension and retention

mikejmoran.typepad.com - Practice reading for maximum retention and recall

  • Reading to understand author’s mood
  • Reading for spatial description (interpretation of diagrams, maps, and sketches)
  • Reading to follow direction in written communication

www.studyzone.org - Visit for notes on understanding written directions

blogs.scholastic.com - Instructional materials on following directions

www.elmiracityschools.com - Resources for helping students follow directions

  • Reading to understand the writer’s purpose

www.learner.org - For notes on identifing the writer's purpose

www.studyzone.org - For lessons on the writer’s point of view

www.laflemm.com - For lessons on recognising purpose and tone

www.ereadingworksheets.com - Reading worksheets on writer's purpose

  • Reading to know meaning of words in various contexts

www.studyzone.org - Notes on context clues

www.massasoit.mass.edu - For vocabulary building and reading comprehension

kc3rd.pbworks.com - Check out this site for notes and exercises on context clues

www.sinclair.edu - Visit this site for vocabulary building using context clues

  • Reading for critical evaluation
  • Reading for speed
  • Reading for summary

homepage.smc.edu - Visit for notes on summary writing

www.englishclub.com - This website teaches summary and note-taking

  • Parts of speech

www.englishclub.com - For lessons on parts of speech

grammar.ccc.commnet.edu - Covers basic sentence parts

www.englishclub.com - Learn parts of speech with examples

eslus.com - To study parts of speech using sentences, check out this website

unilorin.edu.ng - Check out this site for a broad categorisation of various parts of speech

www.myenglishpages.com - Take this grammar exercise to test your knowledge on parts of speech

www.englisch-hilfen.de - Visit this website for more practice on parts of  speech

  • Writing Outline (stories highlighting main and supporting ideas, arrangement of ideas in logical sequence)

www.lib.jjay.cuny.edu - This site provides a basic writing outline

www.tacoma.uw.edu - This site discusses elements of an essay and provides an outline for writing one

  • Composition Writing

www.skooolnigeria.com - This is a good site to visit for a simplified lesson note on composition writing

www.trinitysem.edu - Trinitysem teaches how to write a composition by providing the necessary steps for writing an essay




  • Letter Writing


www.engvid.com - Watch video lessons on letter writing, take quizzes, and check out the resource page to become a better writer

  • Prose
  • Folktales
  • Myth and Legends 

       myths.e2bn.org - This site provides resources on myths, legends, and folktales

  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Summary writing
  • Modal forms

     www.gingersoftware.com - This site provides a simplified note on modal verbs with examples to aid your understanding


      www.englishpage.com - For lessons on modal verbs visit this website

  • Additional websites

      www.ereadingworksheets.com - This site provide a range of  free printable worksheets covering lots of English Language topics 

      www.nou.edu.ng - To aid your grammatical accuracy, visit this site; it provides a detailed lesson on parts of speech

      www.nou.edu.ng - This site provides a detailed lesson on listening and speaking skills

      www.nou.edu.ng - This site introduces you to the genres of literature with examples and detailed contextual analysis of each genre

      www.nou.edu.ng - This site introduces you to the basic concepts and techniques of spoken English