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Home Economics

  •  Introduction to Home Economics
  • Home Economics and National Development
  • The Human Body

 familycareintl.org  - This site introduces students to basic body care

  • Posture

www.canyonspringschiropractic.com - On this site, you will find note on  meaning of posture, consequence of bad posture importance,and guidelines for maintaining good posture.

www.palindromicrheumatism.org -  This site provides information on the guidelines for the maintenance of good posture.

www.chiro.org -  This site exposes students to the relationship between posture and health.

www.acatoday.org - Check out this site for a simplified note and basic intorduction to the topic: posture

  • Exercises

www.medifastmedia.com -  This site introduces students to importance of exercise and exercise guidelines.

www.usfsa.org -  Check out this site to learn about types of exercise.

www.princeton.edu -  Princeton introduces students to stability exercises.

  • Fatigue, Rest and Sleep

drlwilson.com -  This site introduces students to the importance of rest and sleep and guidelines for them.

www.pdhealth.mil -  Check out this site for notes on meaning and causes of fatigue.

ec.europa.eu -  This site provides a comprehensive note on fatigue.

www.slideshare.net -  View this slideshare on sleep and fatigue.

  • Personal Clothing

images.library.wisc.edu -  Check out this site for information on care of clothing.

www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in - This site provides a detailed introduction to clothing; students will learn meaning, importance and care of clothing with exercises to test your understanding.

  • Use of Cosmetics and Deodorants

www.cosmeticsandskin.com -  This site introdeuce students to the meaning and types of cosmetics.

  • Healthy Feeding Habit

www.moe.gov.sg -  Check out this site for tips to developing healthy eating habits.

suven.hubpages.com - This site provides information on the importnace of food and  menu for healthy building.

  • The Family
  • The Home
  • Housing the family

www.ing.unisannio.it -  Check  out this site for types of houses.

www.pelicanstate.net-  This site provides information on types of houses

  • Family Needs and Resources
  • Decision Making

www.uscg.mil - Check out this lesson on decision making

www.virtualsalt.com - Virtualsalt provides a useful resource on  decision making.

  • Care of the Family House
  • Entertainment in the Home
  • Simple Sewing Tool and Equipment

www.wirkkaladesigns.com - Check out this site for a long list of sewing tools.

phsclothingtech.weebly.com -  This site provides information on sewing tools and equipment with images of the listed tools.

www.cwu.edu - This site provides information on tools and equipment.

quizlet.com - This site introduces students to basic sewing equipments.

  • The Sewing and Garment Construction Processes

www.puppetpub.com - This site exposes students to basic sewing steps.

content.janome.com - Check out this beginners sewing eBook.

www.singerco.com -  Check out this sewing instruction manual provided by Singer.

www.go-woman.com - This site provide ten lessons on sewing for beginners.

  • Cosmetic Production
  • Household Craft

www.okpress.com -  This site provides fourty(40) ideas on newpaper craft making. 

www.putwasteinitsplace.ca - This site provides a craft book that exposes students to variety of  creative exercise.

  • Signs of Puberty

www.health.wa.gov.au - Check out this note on  Girl and Puberty: Everything girls will ever need to know about body changes and other stuff!

www.kaahe.org - This site provides a simplified note on puberty: male and female puberty.

www.studenthealth.gov.hk -  This site provides a short note on puberty.

  • Hygiene and Puberty

residency.pediatrics.med.ufl.edu -  This site provides lesson on Adolescent Hygiene Basics.

www.tascc.ca - Check out this puberty kit provides by Alberta Health  Services.

  • Adolescence

www.nios.ac.in - This site provides a comprehensive and simple  note on adolescence and its challenges.

www.kkhsou.in - This is a cool site do student to learn about adolescence; it provides information on meaning, characteristics, basic needs and challenges of adolescence.

  • Sexuality
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

www.nlm.nih.gov - Check out this site for relevant and useful resource on sexually transmited diseases.

here.doh.wa.gov/materials -  This site provides a detailed note on sexually transmited diseases.


www.nlm.nih.gov -  Check out this site for note on HIV/AIDS.

www.health.alberta.ca -  this site provides basic facts about HIV/AIDS.

  • The Impact of Family Values on Lifestyle
  • Human Right and Violation

www.nigeriarights.gov.ng - This site provides information on the fundamental human right by national human rights commission.

www.nigeria-law.org - Check out this site for nigerian  law on fundamemtal human rights.

www.unicef.org - Check out UNICEF Nigeria's fact sheet  on child rights legislation in Nigeria.

unchildrights.blogspot.com -  Check out the information on children's Rights.

www.unicef.org/publication - Check out this 2003 bill for an act to provide and protect the right of the Nigerian child.

  • Family Conflict

www.eolss.net - This site provides a comprehensive lesson on Family conflict.

  • Family Crisis

www.lemkaumustgo.com -  This site provides an introduction to family crisis and management strategies for family crisis.

www.ballarat.vic.gov.au - Check  out this site for notes on family crisis.

  • Food Nutrients

www.umass.edu - This site provides information on types of nutrients.

www.cfs.gov.hk - Check out this site for information on nutrient and energy. You will find the meaning, types and function of food nutrients.

  • Food Hygiene and Food Preparation
  • Managing Family Clothing

www2.ca.uky.edu114 - Check out this site for a comprehensive and simplified note on clothing storage.

www2.ca.uky.edu147 - This site provides information on clothing repair.

  • Household Linen

disaster.ifas.ufl.edu -  Visit this site for notes on maintenance of household linen.

www.bse.ph - This site provides a lesson on the basic concepts and principles underlying the process and delivery in sewing household linens.

www.belvivere.com - Check out this instruction manual on linen care and washing instructions.

www.purelinen.com.au -  This site provides information on  types and maintenance of linen.

  • The Family House
  • Maintenance of the Family House
  • Seam and Seam Finishes

classnet.wcdsb.ca -  This site provides information on  seams and seam finishes; you wil learn meaning, types and steps to making seam and seam finishes.

www.sewing.org -  This site provides a useful rsource on seam finishes.

www2.ca.uky.edu -  Check out this manual on seams and seam finishes.

  • Edge Finishes

images.library.wisc.edu - Check out this site on tailored seam. it introduces students to the types of edge finishes.

www.instructables.com -  Check out this instructional manual on how to finish seams beautifully without a serger.

  • Body Measurement

www.dresstailor.net - View this measurement guideline. you will learn about the body parts to be measured.

www.moderntailor.com -  Check out this site for measurement guidelines. It provides a step by step procedure to taking body measurements with images.

  • Basic Pattern Drafting

www.b-u.ac.in -  This site exposes students to the principles of pattern making & grading

angelakane.com -  This is a wow site. It provides a variety of lessons on making different garments as well as sample video episodes for each model.

sewingplums.files.wordpress.com - This site provides an introductory note on basic pattern drafting.

  • Introduction to Textiles Study
  • Classes and Properties of Fibres

www.dressandtextilespecialists.org.uk - Check out this lesson note on identifying fibres and fabrics.

  • Manufacture, Identification and Uses of Fabrics

textilelearner.blogspot.com -  This site provides a basic introduction to fabric identification methods.

www.nios.ac.in -  This site provides information on fibre and fabric; from page 172, you will find information on fabric making, identification methods and uses.

  •  Care of Different Fabrics

old.nios.ac.in -  This site provides a simplified note on care and maintenance of fabrics.

www.ginetex.net -  This site introduces students to washing care instructions and symbols.

www.hgtv.com -  Check out this guidelines for caring for different fabrics.

www.nios.ac.in -  This site provides a comprehensive and simplified lesson note on care and maintenance of fabric. you will find everything yu need to learn under the above topic here.

  • Basic Elements of Design

www.batashoemuseum.com - This site provides a useful resource on the basic elements of design.

www.brooklynkids.org -  This site provides an introductory note to African textile and making.

  • Figure Types

www.phs.d211.org - This site introduces students to the different figure types.

haabet.dk/patent -  Visit this site for information on different figure types.

fashion.about.com - This site provides a fashion solution to different figure types.

  • The Sewing Machine

bieap.gov.in -  Visit this site for information on types and care of sewing machine

www.singerco.com - Check out this instruction manual for sewing machine.

www.saic.edu - Check out this sewing machine handbook.

aces.nmsu.edu - This site provides information on sewing machine maintenance.

  • Scientific Study of Food Nutrients
  • Meal Planning

edis.ifas.ufl.edu -  Check out this site for an introduction to meal planning and meals planning for different groups.

www.avartsycooking.com -  Check out this site for weekly nigerian meal planner.

  • Buying Preservation and Storage of Food

nchfp.uga.edu -  This site provides information on safe home food storage.

extension.oregonstate.edu - Check out this site for tips for storing all foods.

  • Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

www.shs.d211.org - This site provides an introductory note to kitchen equipment and utensils and its uses.

www.ag.ndsu.edu -  Visit this site to learn about kitchen equipment and utensils.

www.auburn.nsw.gov.au - This site introduces sudents to ceaning and sanitising utensils to ensure safety of food.

www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov -  This site introduces students to equipment and utensil cleaning and sanitization.

  • Food Preparation Methods

old.nios.ac.in - This site provides information on methods of  cooking food.

www.allnigerianrecipes.com - This site provides information on preparation of dishes using the different cooking methods.

  • Marriage

www.psychologicalselfhelp.org - This site provides information on dating, love, marriage and sex. 

www.equalitynow.org -  Check out this fact sheet on child marriage factsheet.

www.nigeria-law.org -  Follow this link to view Nigerian marriage act.

  • Pregnancy and Child Birth

www.virginia.edu -  This site provides a guide to understanding pregnancy and childbirth.

www.sagepub.com -  This site provides a comprehensive information on conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Child Development
  • Child Care

www.vch.ca -  This site provides information on childhood ailments snd immunization.

www.healthykidshealthyfuture.org -  Check out this site for child care provider’s guide.

  • Family Budget

www.almuminaatng.org - This site eprovides a useful resource on  family budget.

www.lds.org/bc -  This site provides a budget sample plan for students' practice.