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  • Whole numbers

www.teamstraus.com - This site provides a simplified note on the topic of whole numbers

www.glencoe.com - This site will enable students understand place value and whole numbers

sixpointwon.files.wordpress.com - Check out this site for information on reading and understanding whole numbers

www.kutasoftware.com - Practice this exercise on whole numbers to measure your understanding.

  • Whole numbers and decimal numbers

www.sinclair.edu - This site provides a short lesson on whole number and decimal place values

www.northshore.edu - Check out this site for a comprehensive and simple note on understanding the topic: whole number and decimal numbers

www.cnm.edu - Check this site for a worksheet on decimal numbers


www.haesemathematics.com.au - This site exposes students to approximation of decimal  numbers

  • Fractions

www.mathcentre.ac.uk - This site will enable students to identify equivalent fractions and fraction conversion

www.counton.org - This site provides useful information on fractions

www.cnm.edu - This site provides a simplied note on the topic: fractions

 www.primaryresources.co.uk - Practise the exercise provided in the worksheets to measure your understanding of the topic

  • Factorisation and simple equations involving fractions

 ask.fxplus.ac.uk - This is a good resource to help students understand simplification and factorisation

 www.mathcentre.ac.uk - This site provides notes on factorising quadratic expressions

 www.amsi.org.au - This is a simple guide to understanding the concept of factorisation

 www.algebrahelp.com - This site provides an equation calculator which will show students the right answers and step-by-step solutions for solving equation problems

maths.mq.edu.au - This site provides lessons on  factrorising algebraic expressions

  • Lowest common multiple

www.legacyhigh.net - This is  a useful site for students to learn how to find the LCM of a given problem

www.ncmissouri.edu - This site provide information  on solving LCM problems by the factoring method

www.superteacherworksheets.com -View worksheets on lowest common multiples

  • Highest common factor

www.snow.edu - This site provides information on highest common factors (HCF)

 www.brilliancecollege.com - This site exposes students to factorisation and division methods of finding HCF

 www.superteacherworksheets.com - To measure your knowledge of HCF

  • Estimation

www.glencoe.com - This site exposes students to estimation strategies

www.coolclass.ca - This site provides useful lessons on estimation

  • Approximation

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - Visit this website for lessons on approximation and estimation

www.icoachmath.com - Check out this site for lessons on rounding up numbers to the nearest value

www.youtube.com - Video lessons that teach the concept of rounding off a number or rewriting a number correct to a whole number, one decimal place, two decimal place, one significant figure, two significant figures and three significant figures

my.homecampus.com.sg - This site providea a note and video lesson on approximation

  • Counting in base-2

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - This site introduces students to base arithmetic

courses.cs.vt.edu - Check out this website for lessons on binary number system

www.mathsisfun.com - This site teaches students how to count using binary

  • Addition and subtraction

www2.nzmaths.co.nz - The above site exposes students to addition, subtraction, and place value

www.det.nsw.edu.au - For addition and subtraction of number lines, visit this website

algebra1online - This site provides a variety of lessons on addition and subtraction

  • Multiplication and division of directed numbers

www.mathsisfun.com - Check out this site for an introduction to squares and square roots

commons.bcit.ca/math - This site provides lessons on the simplification of square roots by multiplication

commons.bcit.ca - For notes on multiplication and division with square roots, visit this website

  • Use of symbols
  • Algebraic expressions

campbellms.typepad.com - This site provides note on simplifying algebraic expressions

www.cengage.com - Visit this website for useful resources on algebraic expression

www.teaching.martahidegkuti.com - This website introduces students to sample problems and solutions of algebraic expressions

math.usask.ca - This site provides introductory exercises to measure your understanding of this topic; you will also find hints and solution to the exercises provided

  • Word problems on algebraic fractions

www.lwtech.edu - This site walks students through word problems in algebra

cie-wc.edu - Check out this website for algebra word problems in everyday use and steps for solving them

maths.mq.edu.au - This worksheet introduces students to simplifying algebraic expressions using the factoring method

www2.math.umd.edu - Check out this site to learn how to solve complicated algebraic word problems and complicated mixture problems

  • Simple equations

web.anglia.ac.uk - The resources on this website equip students with basic numerical skills: equations and how to solve them

www.kutasoftware.com - Kutasoftware provides a practice exercise on simple equations

maths.mq.edu.au - Visit this site for worksheet on solving equations in one variable

  • Simultaneous linear equations

www.slideshare.net - This slideshare exposes students to the graphical and algebraic method of solving simultaneous equations

www.algebra-class.com - Visit this site to learn how to use a table of values to graph linear equations

www.mathcentre.ac.uk - Check out this site for lessons on solving simultaneous linear equations using the elimination and substitution methods

  • Plane shapes and area of a plane shape

www.math.com - This site provides information on the perimeters of a square, rectangle, triangle and circle

cmse.olemiss.edu - This site provides information on the areas, perimeters, and volumes of irregular shapes

projects.exeter.ac.uk - This site provides a useful resource on the perimeters, areas, and volumes of regular shapes

www.nios.ac.in -  This site provides a comprehensive resource on the perimeters and areas of plane figures

www.khanacademy.org -  Khan Academy is good site for learning. You will find a video lesson on perimeters and areas of plane figures

www.bgfl.org/custom - Do you want a less serious approach to learning? This is the site to visit; it provides useful information on perimeters and areas

www.tpspublishing.com- Check out this site for a practice exercise on identifying plane shapes

  • Similar shapes
  • Three dimensional figures

www.slideshare.net - This slideshare introduces students to the basic properties of cubes, cuboids, pyramids, cones, spheres, and cylinders

www.factmonster.com - This site provides a simple lesson on finding the volumes of three dimensional figures

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - Practise calculating the volumes of cubes on this website

  • Angles

www.willowtreepublishing.com - Check out this site for notes on the sum of angles in a triangle

www.abcteach.com - This site provides information on the measurement of angles

www.dentonisd.org - This site provides lesson on classifying triangles and measuring their angles

 www.nsa.gov/academia - Visit this site to measure your understanding of the identification and measurement of angles

  • Angles of elevation and depression

bowvalleycollege.ca - Check this site to understand the concept of angles of elevation and depression

smith-geometryseries.wikispaces.com - This site povides a simplified note on the topic: angles of elevation and depression

commons.bcit.ca -  This site provides a short lesson on angles of elevation and depression

  • Trigonometry

ms.mcmaster.ca -  For a comprehensive lesson on trigonometry, visit this website

tutorial.math.lamar.edu - This site provides information on trigonomentry formulae

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - This site provides a detailed lesson on trigonomentry

www.sosmath.com - This site exposes students to the process of solving trigonometric equations (algebraically, graphically, as well as using the concept of equivalence)

  • Construction
  • Measures of central tendency

www.uwe.ac.uk - This a cool site for learning measures of central tendency

www.seci.info - This site provides an introductory note on the concepts of mean, median and mode

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk -   Visit this site to learn how calculate measures of central tendency

www.beaconlearningcenter.com-  Check this site to view examples of measures of central tendency: mean, median, and mode examples

pages.stern.nyu.edu - This site provides an explanatory note on measures of central tendency

  • Statistics, data collection, and data presentation

www.statcan.gc.ca -  This site provides a useful resource on frequency distribution tables

www.mathsteacher.com.au - This  provides an introductory note on frequency and frequency tables

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - This site contains a revision note on collecting data to produce vertical line graphs or pie charts

www.stat.wmich.edu - This site provides a useful resource on statistics and data presentation

www2.latech.edu - Check out this instructional material on data presentation

www.mathworksheetsland.com - Complete this worksheet to measure your understanding of creating frequency tables

  • Graphs

www.aieahs.org - This site provides a video lesson on graphing solutions of  linear equations

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - This site provides a guide to plotting points on a cartesian plane

www.cpm.org -  This site contains useful information on writing and graphing linear equations

academic.cuesta.edu - This site exposes students to graphing linear equations in two variables 

  • Transaction in the home and offices

wikieducator.org -  This is a cool site from which to learn about commercial arithmetic: mathematics for buying, selling, borrowing, and investing

www.amsi.org.au - This site provides a simplified lesson note on commercial arithmetic

www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk - This site provides a step-by-step guide to solving commercial arithmetic problems

www.nwt.literacy.ca - This site provides a comprehensive note on household mathematics and value orientation

djm.cc/library - Check out this iste for lesson on transactions in the homes and offices

  • Linear inequalities

www.mathsisfun.com -  This site teaches students to how to solve inequalities

openhighschoolcourses.org - This site provides s simplified note on solving inequalities and graph solutions

www.mathsisfun.com/algebra - This site provides information on systems of linear equations

  • Probability

www.agmath.com - Check out this site for a simplified introduction to probability

users.wfu.edu - This site provides an advanced note on probability

akira.ruc.dk -  Visit this site for information on probability theory and statistics

www.math.ucdavis.edu -  View these lecture notes on introductory probability

www.maths.uq.edu.au - Queensland provides a short introduction to probability

  • Pi

www.willemboshoff.com -   Visit this site to understand the concept of Pi.

www.mathsisfun.com -  Check out this site for a simple introduction to Pi (π).

www.mathsisfun.com/activity - This site provides a simple guide to finding approximate value or Pi.

  • Conversion of base-10 numerals to binary numbers

www.atlantatraffic.com - This site teaches students how to convert base numbers directly without using base-10

ed-thelen.org - This site provides a comprehensive and simplified note on the binary number system

www.purplemath.com -  This site provides information on the topic: number bases and binary numbers

  • Computer applications

www.computerhope.com -  This site introduces students to the concept of punch cards

liucs.net -  This site provides an activity session for learning about alternative binary representations

www.bottomupcs.com -   Check out this site for information on the binary system as the basis of computing

www.quadibloc.com -  Check out this site for an introduction to the binary system and punch cards

  • Additional sites

www.math-magic.com -  You will find a useful list of PDF files that can help you with all of your mental math needs

www.mathsisfun.com -  This site provides information on: numbers, complex numbers, measurement, algebra, exponent, inequalities, linera equations, quadratic equations, and much more

www.manhattangmat.com - This site provides and introduction to the foundations of GMAT Arithmetic

www.schoolatoz.nsw.edu.au -  This is a cool site to help your maths skills. It provides a wide range of activity sheets for young learners