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By Nkem Egenuka
Creative Non-fiction is fast growing genre in Africa. These writers tell honest and brave personal stories and unconventional experiences. Taking it farther than we know and delving into topics on trauma, wounds, sexuality, abuse, depression, sex, family, love and so on. An Excerpt from Selves ...By the time I was halfway to the hostel I was... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
We celebrate Adebola Oyeleye who with an OND from Lagos State Polytechnic joined ZODML in 2012 as a storekeeper and graduated from the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag), with a second class upper B.Sc degree in Accounting. His graduation ceremony took place at Unilag on May 10, 2018. Adebola told us that he loves numbers and does not regret... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
The 2018 Caine Prize for African Writing has been released. It was unveiled by Dinaw Mengestu, this year’s Chair of judges and award-winning Ethiopian-American author. Five writers were shortlisted for this year’s award three of which are Nigerians, namely; Nonyelum Ekwempu, Olufunke Ogundimu and Wole Talabi. Nonyelum Ekwempu (Nigeria)  was... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Nigerian Poet Teresa Lola has been named a joint winner of the Brunel International African Poetry Prize alongside Hiwot Adilow (Ethiopia) and Momtaza Mehri (Somalia). Theresa fought off strong competition from over 1000 international entrants and was awarded one of the three top prizes of £1000. She started her writing career having being... Read More
By Oluwafunminiyi Omojola
We walk as three to the neighbouring village, every third month. Me. Mama. Papa.  In that order.  Papa always takes the rear, walking at a little distance behind us, as if he does not want to be associated with mama and me. Or as if he was on his way to someplace in his mind. I walk in front, and as to everything I do, I put a rhythm to my walk.... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Adiele Faith was born in 1964 to a Scandinavian American mother and a Nigerian father, Faith Adiele grew up in a rural area in Washington. When she was a toddler, Adiele’s father left the United States and returned to Nigeria during the Biafran War. She did not see again until she was twenty-six. Adiele obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Harvest of Corruption is centred on the nefarious acts of public servants in a country called Jacassa. The principal public servant in the play is Chief Haladu Ade Amaka, the minister of external relations. He is corrupt, an unpatriotic  and a sexual pervert. He is an exploiter of the state who robs her blind in an act popularly referred to as "... Read More
Teaching??? No way! Why have I been posted to a school for God’s sake?  I mean, I should have been posted to a radio or television station where I could be relevant. What will a Mass Communications graduate like me do in a school? These were my thoughts as I collected my NYSC posting letter. Not only was I posted to a school, it was in a rural... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by difficulties with reading and writing composition, as well as high levels of creativity and ‘big picture’ thinking. Coping with dyslexia can be challenging, but it is possible. With the right attitude, strategies, tools, and support you can not only cope with dyslexia, but have a successful and... Read More
By Tunrayo Ade
  WORM The worm of depression embroidered with learning scathing the mind till it becomes a  painter's brush painting colours of hopelessness, fear and despair in the horizon vague sketches drawn upon the pellet of  an heavy heart weaving into the fabric of life the thread of death leaving the body numb: eyes bored and dull movements as heavy:... Read More


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