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ZODML Library Rules

These Library Rules are required to ensure that the Library is a safe and comfortable place for everyone. All visitors and users of the Library must comply with them. 
1.    Your library card, which has to be valid, must be presented to use the facilities of the Library. Library staff or security personnel may ask to see your library card at any time.
2.    Instructions given by Library staff must be addressed.
3.    Bags are not allowed in the Library and must be placed in the designated bag-holding area.
4.    Everyone is required to sign our daily attendance register upon entering and leaving the Library.
5.    Visitors and users are responsible for the care and safety of their belongings at all times.
6.    Sleeping, smoking, eating, or drinking is not allowed in the Library.
7.    Calls may not be made or received in the Library. Please have the silent mode on as a courtesy to other users.
8.    Library property must be used cautiously. 
9.    Harassing or threatening staff, users, or visitors of the Library will not be tolerated. 
10.    Fighting, speaking loudly or threateningly, or using abusive language will not be tolerated.
11.    The restrooms must be used reasonably, and Library property must not be taken into them.
12.    The sale of any goods or services and the distribution or display of any material is not allowed in or around the Library.
13.    Activities prohibited by any law or regulation are not permitted on Library property.
14.    Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the safety and actions of their children and wards. If a child is left unattended when the Library is to close, Library staff will take the child to the nearest police station.
15.    Library staff and security personnel may check the property of anyone entering or leaving the library.
16.    Appropriate clothing must be worn in the Library, and personal hygiene must be maintained.
17.    Library space and property must not be monopolised to exclude others.
18.    Animals are not allowed in the Library.
If you have any questions regarding these rules, please consult any Library staff. Failure to comply with them may result in your immediate removal from the Library, suspension, or cancellation of your library card. You may also be barred from using the Library in the future.
ZODML may amend these rules at any time.