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Terms and Conditions 

Eligibility and Library Card Application
1.    Anyone is eligible to apply for a library card. Applications for a library card may be done online or in person at the library (196 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State) by filling in an application form.
2.    Applications may be for a ‘Friend of the Library’ card (FOL), a ‘Standard’ library card (SLC), or a ‘Book Explorer’ (BE) library card. FOL cards require a donation of at least N10,000 and SLC cards a donation of N1,000. BE cards require no donation. FOL cardholders have access to the library’s special reading rooms in addition to all the other facilities and resources of the library available to SCL cardholders.
3.    BE library cards are issued to pupils and students in schools within the library’s catchment area. Persons under 18 years who are not in schools within the library’s catchment area must apply in person at the library and must have a parent or guardian sign the form on their behalf. Such persons will be issued an SCL card for which a donation of N1,000 will be required.
4.    Library cards are not transferrable and must be used only by the person whose name appears on the card. 
Responsibilities of Cardholders
1.    Cardholders must report any change of name or address immediately and are required to ensure that their contact details held by the library are accurate at all times.
2.    Cardholders are required to take care of all library property in their possession. Cards that are lost or stolen must be reported at once to the library. A replacement fee of N1000 is charged for any lost, stolen, or damaged card that is re-issued.

1    Borrowing any item from the library’s collection requires a borrower’s card (BC) in addition to a valid library card. Obtaining a BC requires the provision of a current utility bill or other forms of verification of the borrower’s address as may be requested. It also requires a deposit against damage or loss of N5,000. 
2    All materials borrowed are loaned for a period of two weeks and must be returned on or before the due date stamped on the item. A fine of N20 per day is charged for items returned after their due date. 
3    Borrowers are responsible for all items borrowed on their card and all fines and charges due on it while parents/guardians are responsible for all items borrowed on the card of their children/wards and all fines and charges due on it.
4    A lost or stolen BC must be reported at once to the library. Borrowers are responsible for any use to which their card is put and all charges made against it before its loss or theft is reported. A replacement fee of N1,000 is charged for any lost, stolen, or damaged card that is re-issued.
5    A borrowed item that is lost or stolen must be reported to the library at once. Overdue fines at the rate of N20 per day will continue to accrue on the item until it is found and returned to the library or its replacement cost is paid.
6    Borrowers may renew any borrowed item before its return date provided the item has not been requested by another borrower and the borrower seeking to renew is not owing the library. Items may be renewed in person or by telephone. 
7    Borrowers with any overdue item or unpaid fines or charges will have their borrowing privileges suspended until the borrowed item is returned and/or the fines and charges are paid.
1.    FOL, SLC, and BC library cards are valid for one year and must be renewed upon expiration to enable cardholders to use the facilities of the library and access its resources. The library may request any required information before a card is renewed. 
2.    The renewal need not be in the same category as the expiring card.
Digital Resources and Internet
1.    The library provides access to e-books, e-journals, articles, and online databases, cardholders must use these digital resources for personal, educational, or research purposes only, and not for commercial or illegal activities.
2.    Cardholders must comply with copyright laws and intellectual property rights, refraining from unauthorized copying, distributing, or modifying digital content.
3.    The library also provides access to the Internet and cardholders must use it for lawful and appropriate purposes and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
4.    Cardholders are responsible for their behaviour online and should respect the rights and privacy of others.
5.    The library reserves the right to restrict or block access to any websites or types of content that it deems inappropriate, offensive, or harmful.
6.    Parents or guardians are responsible for supervising and guiding their children's use of the Internet in the library.
7.     Disclaimer: the library does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or availability of any digital resource, cardholders are advised to verify information obtained from digital resources and to report any technical issues or content errors to the library. Also, the library does not guarantee the accuracy, safety, or reliability of information obtained from the Internet, cardholders are advised to exercise caution and critically evaluate information obtained online.

Privacy and Data Protection

The library treats personal information received from cardholders as private and confidential and is committed to protecting the privacy of cardholders. View our privacy policy here.

1.    The library will notify borrowers if any item held by them is overdue. Notification may be by telephone, text, e-mail, or delivered to the address on record at the library for the borrower. Borrowers may indicate how they wish to be contacted and are required to provide an accurate telephone number, e-mail, and residential address. 
2.    Any change to borrowers’ contact information must be communicated to the library as soon as possible. 
3.    Notifications that are either not given or received will not discharge the borrower’s responsibility to pay all fees accruing to the borrower.  
Suspension or Termination

The library reserves the right to suspend or terminate library privileges for any cardholder who violates library policies, engages in prohibited activities, or fails to comply with these terms and conditions.

     The library may amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.