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Privacy Policy

Using the Website and Privacy Policy

Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries (ZODML) has created this website ( to make information about our organisation, projects, and free learning resources available to the public via the internet. This information explains how to use our website and the terms and conditions to which all of our website’s users are bound. It also explains how we treat information that we gather, whether through this website or at our libraries. This information may be updated from time to time, so do check back regularly to review it. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

Using Our Content

Users of this website may use its content (text, images, PDF files etc) for person and non-commercial use only. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use our content for commercial activities. You may not to adapt, alter or create a derivative work from any of our content for commercial activities.

If you wish to use our content for commercial activities, please contact us for permission by sending an email to [email protected].

If you use material from our website online, we ask that you credit ZODML by linking directly to the URL on which the material is found.  If you use material from our website offline, please credit ZODML as follows: “Courtesy of Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries (ZODML) -”.

ZODML strives to ensure that all third party content on our website is used with permission. If you believe your content has been posted on our website without your consent, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

User-Generated Content

Parts of this website allow users to make comments and submit content of their own. Please make sure that any content you contribute does not infringe on the rights of any third party. For example, if you upload a video or photo, please make sure that you are the creator. Do not contribute content to which you don’t own the rights.

Please do not use language in comments or upload photos or videos that may be objectionable to others, that is inappropriate or vulgar, or that are off-topic. ZODML reserves the right to delete comments, photos and videos which violate these rules. ZODML is not responsible for user-generated content or comments.

We also ask that you do not insert your own or a third party’s advertising, branding or other promotional content into any comments/content.

Please note that by contributing content to our website, you give ZODML full permission to use it not only on our website, but also in promotional materials and on third-party websites on which ZODML promotes its services, collections and/or activities. If you do not wish for your content to be used in this way, please do not contribute content to our website.


ZODML strives to keep information on this website correct and current. All information on it is however given without any warranties whatsoever with regards to its accuracy, reliability or legality. No liability is accepted by ZODML for any damage to your computer or other property resulting from your use of this website. Any materials you download through it are downloaded at your own risk.

This website contains links to other websites to direct visitors to information and resources that might be useful to them. ZODML accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of their content. The inclusion of a link to a website is not an endorsement of any kind of the website by ZODML and must not be construed as such.

ZODML and its trustees and employees shall, under no circumstance, be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising from or directly or indirectly related to, the use of or the inability to use this website and its content, material and functions.

Privacy Policy

ZODML regards the privacy of its members, donors, website users and others that provide it with information to be of the utmost importance and it does all it can to protect it. Our privacy policy outlines the way ZODML uses information collected by it at its libraries and through its website.


ZODML does not share or publicly display any personally identifiable information collected from users or patrons at any of its libraries unless when required to by law. This information includes materials borrowed, contact details and information accessed.

ZODML sometimes receives special collections from third parties who make them available on conditions that may include ZODML sharing information on how the collection is used. In such instances ZODML will keep and share records of transactions relating to such collections.

ZODML collects and keeps information about the materials borrowed in all of its libraries. This information helps ZODML to better understand the needs of library users. Information from ZODML school libraries may be shared with government agencies and authorities, as well as third parties working to improve standards in education. Also, information from ZODML’s prison libraries may be shared with the Nigerian Prison Service and third parties working to improve conditions in prisons.

ZODML keeps a record of URLs accessed from all its computers. This information is collected to help it monitor user activity on its computers and is not disclosed to third parties.

ZODML gets personally identifiable information from library card applications, subscriptions to its newsletter, online donations and other activities that take place on this website. This information may be used to update users about ZODML’s various programmes, events and additions to its collections. Except as may be required by law, ZODML will not share any personally identifiable information collected with third parties or publish such information publicly.

ZODML uses cookies (files placed on a computer by websites on your first visit to the site) on some areas of this website to track usage. Cookies can be disabled and visitors that do not want to allow cookies should set their browsers to refuse them. Disallowing cookies, however, may lead to your not getting optimal usage from this website.

The online safety and privacy of children is very important to ZODML. Parents and guardians are advised to pay attention to their children’s online activities. While the internet can provide great learning and recreational opportunities for children, it can also be a very dangerous place for them. Parents should tell and encourage their children not to give out any personal information and to discuss their online activities with them.

Articles, comments, queries and other content submitted to ZODML are saved on its servers and remain there until they are dealt with.