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8 Interesting Facts About Libraries

Submitted by admin on 23 April 2022

All of us know what a library is, so I won’t insult you on that score, but let’s face it, most of us nowadays see libraries as boring, solemn places, where quiet, solitude, and an unnatural commitment to study are enforced in ways that would make mask mandates seem like child’s play (oh wait, they kind of really were :-/ )… but to see libraries in this light would be to miss the wonderful opportunities for learning and personal development that they can provide.

The other thing we hear a lot is,  “Why do I need libraries? There’s Google.” Sure, I mean they’re both essentially a place where you can go (in person or online), to look up and find out about stuff. But the ways in which we use them are vastly different. 

So now that we are getting excited about libraries ;-) let’s take a look at a few fascinating and historical facts about them. Despite being a custodian of information used to shape and develop civilisations in history, many of these facts about libraries remain unknown to users across the world! :-0  

What on earth is ‘Library Hand’?

Before the typewriter and the all mighty computer, librarians had to write in a particular way. This was called ‘Library hand’.