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ASUU strike

ASUU Strike: An Opportunity for Students’ Self-Development

Submitted by adekola.shobiye on 2 June 2022

The perennial Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike is upon us again. As unfortunate as the strike is, it presents the perfect opportunity for students to embrace self-development by acquiring new skills and honing their present abilities. 

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now,”
- Napoleon Hill.

We have come across many opinions suggesting that students get vocational skills or start a business – we beg to differ. We fervently believe and implore you to stay with your academic pursuits. 
Like Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue, whose life story inspired our organisation, you can learn and grow independently. That’s what self-development is all about, and the almighty internet is there to help you. 

Sign Up for Free online courses

The best places to start your search for free online courses are edX - the American massive open online course provider created by Harvard and MIT; and Coursera, the United States-based substantial open online course provider founded by Stanford University computer science professors. Dig into their many offerings you are bound to find something that appeals to you. We know a student taking a course in web development and another in content writing.

Read, Read, Read!

Libraries provide books for free, so join a library and borrow books. Since we are talking about self-development, here’s a list of some books we believe you will find helpful. You can download any of them from our online library by clicking on its title. 

‘You, Unstuck: You Are the Solution to Your Greatest Problem’ – Seth Adam Smith
‘Think and Grow Rich’ – Napoleon Hill
'Secrets of Success and Leadership’ – Swami Kryananda
'The World Needs Your Art: Casual Magic to Unlock Your Creativity' – Danielle E Fournier

However, the beauty of a library is that there is something for every taste; our library has over 260,000 ebooks and journals, so there is a great deal to choose from. Join the library here.

Many Heads Are Better Than One

Stay in touch with other students online and offline to share ideas and discuss learning resources you come across. On our Notice Board, you will find carefully curated information on scholarships, grants for academic pursuits, fellowships, competitions, etc. You can share and discuss them with your network. 

Give Back

Volunteering is a great way to stay busy in a fulfilling way. You can visit your local government primary or secondary school and offer to help with reading and literacy or if you are a computer geek, I.T lessons. We know of a student who has gone to teach in her secondary school and finds it very rewarding for herself and those she teaches. You can also help orphanages and charities with their work. 


Find work or an internship in an area that interests you or in your field of study. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start your search. An engineering student we know, who loves to write, is a content writer for an entertainment company, while another is a software development intern. 

As the strike drags on, frustration and anger are bound to set in as the debate of who is to blame goes on. Doing some of the things we suggest in this post will make you feel less helpless. 
What are you doing as the ASUU strike continues? Tell us in the comments.


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