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Balancing School with a Side Hustle

Balancing School with a Side Hustle

Submitted by chidinmaokere1 on 11 March 2023

By Eniola Olatunji

A side hustle, also known as a side gig, is a job or business that one undertakes to supplement one’s primary source of income.
Perhaps fueled by the worsening state of Nigeria’s economy, conversations of side hustle are now more common among young Nigerians. More than ever, young people find it necessary to start a side hustle to support what allowance they get from their parents or guardians. 

Rising unemployment rates also make it imperative not to rely so much on the idea of getting a job right after school. Many students, especially in tertiary institutions, now utilize their spare time to acquire relevant skills to start a business.   
While this is a welcome development, it is pertinent to ask whether it is feasible to combine schoolwork with a side gig. Academic work is no child’s play. It requires attending classes regularly, reading consistently, attending tutorials, doing assignments, making presentations, and writing projects. How does a student balance school with a side hustle?  

Know yourself 
This means understanding what works for you. You might find it comfortable to read during the day and use the night to run your business or use the day to run your business and the night to read. While others might be able to dedicate long hours to their business daily and still succeed academically, you might be able to commit only an hour. That is fine. Do not follow others, do what suits you.

Be time conscious 
Schoolwork can be time-consuming, so combining business activities with it creates the need to be extremely time conscious. Do not waste your spare time on frivolous activities. Make judicious use of your time. 

Seek advice 
Seek advice from those who ran a successful side hustle and still graduated with good grades. Talk to business professionals. Talk to your mentors. They can guide you on what to do and what to avoid. Do not assume you know it all. 

Make more friends 
You may see this as odd, but it is not. When you begin to run a side hustle, you will miss some things at school, like assignment questions, deadlines, test dates , etc.  If you have a stronger network of friends, they can keep you abreast of information from school, do reminders, and help with some tasks. Friends can also be useful in promoting your business.
Never forget that you are still a student 
It is easy to get carried away by the day-to-day running of a business. If met with unexpected success and high profits, it is easy to lose motivation for school with the possibility of  dropping out. This should not be so. No matter what, education is very important, and having a degree puts you miles ahead of others. So, stay focused. Keep your academics a top priority.
Get enough sleep 
No matter how busy you are, remember to get enough sleep regularly. Combining academics with a side hustle is stressful, so you need quality sleep to prevent a breakdown. 

In conclusion, be disciplined. The successful ones in life are not necessarily the most talented but the most disciplined. Wishing you success in your endeavors. 

Photo credit: GQ South Africa

Eniola Olatunji is a law  
student at the University  
of Ibadan. He enjoys
researching into new
areas of life, reading  
comics and writing plays.

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