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Covid-19 Lockdown: Join a challenge

By Chidinma Okere on 5 Apr, 2020
by Chidinma Okeke

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, countries all over the world have declared a lockdown on activities to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdown which affects every industry except essential services has millions of people at home and, some would say, bored. 

While the quarantine goes on, people are exploring to connect with others and feel part of a community. One of these ways is through internet challenges.

If you are new to internet lingo, a challenge is a task that is trending. Someone may pick you to join or you pick yourself. 

  • Right now, the most popular is #dontrushchallenge

It’s simple. Record yourself standing in front of your camera with a makeup brush and wearing drab clothes. Touch your face with the brush like you are applying makeup then cover your camera lens with it. 

Go off camera, dress up, and apply makeup. In internet speak, look fly and come back to the camera. Then begin recording again. 

Post on social media with the don’t rush challenge hashtag. 

The idea and what anyone who watches the video will see is some sort of abracadabra. One minute you are not dressed up, touch your brush to the camera and next minute you are.

It’s fun and an opportunity to dress up. A little video editing skill will come in handy. 

  • There’s the favorite picture challenge.


  • Another is the Bible verse challenge. 
  • Though not so popular, there are also read a book challenge and workout challenge. 

Anyone of these are cool ways to connect with other people during this lockdown.

Have you participated in any? Tell us in the comments. We’d like to hear from you.