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Dream - A Poem

By tofunmi.omowumi on 12 Jun, 2014

The latest poem from our Poetry Corner is a reflection on dreams by writer Tofunmi Omowumi. Share your poetry, short stories, and non-fiction with us by emailing [email protected]. 

Dream, Dream once upon a dreamer: boy hung in the air in the eclipse of the swing "stethoscoping" patience in the eyes of himself: wait, is the heartbeat of his first patient. boy dreams to heal the land of sickly folks and dead parents.

dream is for the dreamer life is for the liver tomorrow will never come and so boy Willy left his dream on a swing bread is for the hungry and the dreamer must eat. I left dream where dream left me for when I fell, dream did not lift me I stopped dreaming in the penury of hope and clinched on to the fear that I may not live to see tomorrow. So I sold my dream for a penny or two that I may live today in its means. I was a dreamer and dream left me where I left dream chasing the sun upon the horizon dream is for the child who can sleep before the burden of age the burden of living. I threw my dream away because the sun set before I reached the horizon and tomorrow I will have to start my chase all over

Why then do we dream?

I have learnt that dreams are bigger than the opportunity to live another life I have learnt that hope makes stupid courage to defy seen riches like a stubborn stain that wouldn't come off in washy lather I have learnt that vision is for the seer that can touch tomorrow like fine silk and smile in defiance of petty today for life is vain and today is empty the world has a facade on her face and we can't see past it the dreamer is wiser living today for tomorrow knowing that if he does not touch the sun his son will take off from where he left off. We dream because someday, we all will touch the sky and kiss the sun. we dream because only dreams outlive us thereby making mere men immortals.

I followed dream where dream took me and dream took me where to I followed it

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