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Time Management


Submitted by Editor2 on 24 May 2023

By Nnachetam Calista Chinonye

Time is a most precious commodity and waits for no one. Time cannot be replenished once lost, and as such, is a resource worth maximizing, especially as a student.

Time management refers to the effective use of time. It is the ability to allocate time to different tasks, dividing your time effectively between different activities. Most of all, it is being able to balance schoolwork and other areas of life as a student. Effective management of time as a student is essential, as it helps to eliminate irrelevant activities, creating more time for important ones instead.

On the list of ways to effectively use time, the first is creating a to-do list.
A to-do list is a list of all the tasks one intends to accomplish daily. When creating a to-do, list the tasks from most important to least important. It is more productive to tackle bigger challenges first as those require more energy and motivation. While there are many to-do apps available in app stores, writing on paper or on a note pad is also helpful. The list should be placed in a place where it can easily be seen like in front of your workstation, on your phone home screen, in front of your mirror, taped to your laptop, etc.
To avoid feeling overwhelmed, large assignments or projects should be broken down into smaller tasks. This will help the work to feel less intimidating and make it easier for you to accomplish it.

Secondly, kill procrastination. It is the thief of time. Procrastination means postponing an assignment, an activity, a task till a later time especially till the last minutes before it is due. Truly, dealing with procrastination is easier said than done but with determination it is certainly possible to overcome. Never postpone for tomorrow, something you can achieve today. Do it right away.
A good way to deal with this is to set a time limit on tasks.

Next, expunge distractions. Get rid of anything that will serve as a distraction. Where possible, turn off mobile devices. Where not possible, turn off mobile data for certain distracting apps or turn off notifications.

Reduce multitasking. A lot of people are used to multi-tasking, but little do they know that learning is ineffective when attention is split. Limiting your multitasking helps to manage time. Focusing on one task at a time makes for maximum productivity.

Finally, have a goal and learn to say ‘NO’ to meaningless invitations. Instead of wasting time doing something pointless that doesn’t support your goal, invest that time in something productive like reading to understand a course better, practicing a skill or attending important events. This does not mean that you should not take breaks. Take breaks regularly and in between a strenuous task to refuel zeal while always having your eyes on the prize.

Effective time management is about getting meaningful tasks done and not necessarily about getting many things done. As students, we have a lot of time on our hands and should make the most of it while we can. Effective utilization of time will help us achieve our goals and bring us utmost satisfaction. It also gives a sense of responsibility and helps reduce stress around schoolwork.

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Nnachetam Calista Chinonye 
is a student of English and Literary Studies 
at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
She is a book lover with keen interest in how stories shape the world.