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Everything Good Will Come, History Of The People Of Lagos State, and Midnight Cry- Librarian Book Picks

By Regina Alabere on 11 Nov, 2015

What are you reading this week? Check out the top three books we can’t wait to read, selected for you by our librarian.


Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta (Fiction)

Everything Good Will Come introduces an important new voice in contemporary fiction. With insight and a lyrical wisdom, Nigerian-born Sefi Atta has written a powerful and eloquent story set in her African homeland. It is 1971, a year after the Biafran War, and Nigeria is under military rule--though the politics of the state matter less than those of her home to Enitan Taiwo, an eleven-year-old girl tired of waiting for school to start Will her mother, who has become deeply religious since the death of Enitan's brother, allow her friendship with the new girl next door, the brash and beautiful Sheri Bakare? This novel charts the fate of these two African girls; one that is prepared to manipulate the traditional system and one who attempts to defy it.

Written in the voice of Enitan, the novel traces this unusual friendship into their adult lives, against the backdrop of tragedy, family strife, and a war-torn Nigeria. In the end, Everything Good Will Come is Enitan's story; one of a fiercely intelligent, strong young woman coming of age in a culture that still insists on feminine submission. Enitan bucks the familial and political systems until she is confronted with the one desire too precious to forfeit in the name of personal freedom: her desire for a child. Everything Good Will Come evokes the sights and smells of Africa while imparting a wise and universal story of love, friendship, prejudice, survival, politics, and the cost of divided loyalties.


History Of The People Of Lagos State Edited by Ade Adefuye, Babatunde Agiri and Jide Osuntokun (Non-Fiction)

This book provides, within the ambit of current knowledge, a comprehensive history of the peoples of Nigeria's most dynamic and developed state from the fifteenth century to the present day. It gives new insight into the political, economic, social and administrative history of the state, and pays close attention to inter-group relations among the peoples of the state and between them and others.

It sheds new light on Lagos before the seventeenth century and on Oba Akinsemoyin's significant contributions to the emergence of Lagos as an important port. The trade and finance of the colony and the politics of free trade as it affected Lagos and its hinterland are discussed in detail, providing a background to the economic and industrial development of the state to the present day.


Midnight Cry by Irene Franca (Children)

Cassandra Buruntu is a child trafficker and a Prostitute syndicate who cleverly applies red hot strategies to capture her victims in poverty stricken communities especially in Kwekwe Kingdom. She is a Lucifer who disguises as an angel to snatch children away right from the noses of their parents.

One midnight, the trafficked children cry out in one voice with a blazing determination to escape from the flood of pain and misery they are now subjected to and also fight the menace of child trafficking. Will they be able to escape? Find Out.


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