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Faber & Faber Reissues Amos Tutuola Titles with Brand New Covers

By ZODML on 5 Jun, 2014

Exciting news! Publishing house Faber & Faber are reissuing a number of books by renowned Yoruba writer Amos Tutuola with strikingly bright new cover designs. Faber & Faber first worked with Tutuola on his famous novel The Palm-Wine Drinkard which was published in 1952 to much critical acclaim. The psychedelic designs capture the richness of Tutuola's folktale-inspired writings.

Amos Tutuola was born in 1920 in Ogun State into a farming family. After working in a number of vocations, from blacksmithing for the British Royal Air Force during World War Two to selling bread, he found his true calling in writing. His first long narrative, The Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts, was inspired by the work of another well-known Yoruba writer, DO Fagunwa. Over the decades following the publication of The Palm-Wine Drinkard, Tutuola would go on to write a number of other books, including Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle (1955) and The Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts (1982), while working for the Nigerian Broadcasting Company. His last book was The Village Witch Doctor and Other Stories (1990) and he died in Ibadan, Oyo State in 1997. See all of the new cover designs below: village-witch-doctor-amos-tutuola witch-herbalist-amos-tutuola brave-huntress-amos-tutuola my-life-in-the-bush-of-ghosts-amos-tutuola palm-wine-drinkard-amos-tutuola pauper-amos-tutuola Curious about the man behind the books? Visit our Discover Nigeria section to learn more about the life and times of Amos Tutuola, and check out books by him available to borrow from our Community Library. Images via here, here, and here P.S. Did you know that Nigerian writer Chibundu Onuzo is the youngest writer ever to be published by Faber & Faber?

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