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Facts of Life you should know this Year

By Nkem Egenuka on 27 Jan, 2020

I.e. and E.g. Are Not the Same Thing

I.e. is an abbreviation which means "that is" E.g., on the other hand, means "for the sake of example."


Most Spreadsheets Don't Spellcheck

Before you submit your spreadsheet to your Boss, do run a manual spellcheck.


The Colour You See in Darkness has a Name

The colour you see when you open your eyes in a completely dark room is called eigengrau which means intrinsic gray.


Sharp Knives Are Safer Than Dull Knives

Sharp knives are less likely to cut you unlike dull ones because you apply less pressure while using it. It may cause little nicks and cuts but the dull knife cuts deeper because you apply more pressure using it.


Chocolate is not the Only Thing Dogs Cannot Eat


Apart from chocolate, grapes and raisins cause them kidney failure. Dogs should not eat any part of an avocado pear. Garlic and onions gives dogs anemia. Lemon and lime cause dogs vomiting and diarrhea.


The Smell After It Rains Has a Name

The smell that comes after rain is called petrichor. It is from an oil that dries on the ground.


Air Isn't Oxygen

Air is 78 percent of Nitrogen.


Water Doesn’t Put Out a Grease Fire

Water cannot put out a grease fire but makes it much worse.


Finishing Your Antibiotics is Crucial

Endeavour to complete your dosage when taking antibiotics medication, because if you stop half way, the bacteria would likely develop resistance to that antibiotic.


Command/Ctrl + Shift + T will restore your accidentally closed tab in Chrome.


Letting your phone battery out before charging it won't prolong its life.

Keeping your battery 100 percent charged or letting it run all the way out will cause stress to your battery. Charge your phone when it gets to 20 percent and charge only to 80 percent.







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