Happy International Day of Writers

By Chidinma Okere on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 17:04

The 3rd of March every year is a day set aside to celebrate writers all over the world. Today is the day to recognize and appreciate writers for their contribution to literacy, information, knowledge expansion and entertainment. According to Google's advanced algorithms, there are over 130 million books in the world today. That makes for a very robust knowledge base for human race. Today is a good day to give a shoutout to your favourite author.


This holiday was first proposed in 1986 by International Congress of PEN Club. This organization formed of poets, essayists, and fictionists was founded in London in 1921 and it includes writers that approach every literary genre, from translators and journalists to historians, and its purpose is to promote mutual support among writers from all over the world. The idea of founding this association came from the English writer C. A. Dawson Scott, and its first president was John Galsworthy. This organization is considered to be the first NGO ever founded, and among its members have been counted Joseph Conrad, Elisabeth Craig, George Bernard Shaw, and H. G. W ells.


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