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An Interview With Bola Savage: A ZODML Inspired Writer

By Comfort Olukogbon on Fri, 06/02/2015 - 15:54

Over the years, ZODML has launched various projects to encourage reading and a love of books among Nigeria primary and secondary school students. Two of these projects are Catch Them Young (CATHY) and Senior Secondary Reading Programme (SSRP) and we are impressed that many students have benefitted from the platform. In this light, we are excited to feature an interview with an emerging writer- Bola Savage, author of Untwisted Fate who was inspired to write after attending ZODML reading programmes.

ZODML: Can we meet you?

My name is Bola Savage, author of the prose fiction - Untwisted Fate.  I am a 100 level Human Resource Management student of Zenith University Accra, Ghana. I am the 5th child of a family of 6.

ZODML: When did you develop a love for reading?

I developed a love for reading in my primary four after attending the CATHY session... that was in 2008. We were asked to read Nma and Nkita by Agbakoba, Chinwe. I wrote a continuation of the story and I took second position. It was then I realised I had a flavour for writing.

ZODML: What was your inspiration for writing?

My inspiration for writing was ZODML and Tricia Adaobi. Her book, I Do Not Come to You By Chance which was discussed in the SSRP I attended also inspired me to write.

ZODML: What literature book is on your wish list?

The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamada Adichie.

ZODML: How many books have you read?

Laughs… I have read so many book that I can’t count.

ZODML: What genre of books or literature do you prefer?

I love prose fiction.

ZODML: How many hours do you spend on reading daily?

On reading, I don’t spend less than three hours daily.

ZODML: Would you refer Children to join ZODML reading programmes and why?

Of course! Yes they should attend because they will be inspired and it will also build their confidence.

ZODML: What is your favourite book and author?

Ben Carson and his book Gifted Hands. For Nigerian, Femi Osofisan and his book Women of Owu.

ZODML: What are your future plans?

I hope to become a renowned human resource manager and to also have written many books that will inspire others to write.

ZODML: Do you have any word or advice for us?

My advice for everyone is to make reading a habit because reading transform lives.

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