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A young black female librarian helping a young black man in a library

Misconceptions About Libraries

Submitted by Editor on 13 May 2024

By Saheed Sunday


You. Yes, you. I am aware that the only reason you still won't make an attempt to use the library right across your street, or the one lodged in your school, or the one just a few bus stops away is because you have been caged by misconceptions. How about we both identify some myths and cleanse ourselves of the misconceptions? Shall we?

1. It is a legal sin to talk in the library: This is one major myth that has kept many people out of the library. Well, I'm happy to tell you that talking in the library is not a crime, thus not punishable by the law. However, it is advisable and reasonable that you stay quiet always when using the library. This is because you are not the only user, and noise is a form of distraction. If people can't come to the library to avoid distraction because of your noise, where else do you want them to turn to?

2. Libraries are only about books: Another myth? Let's bust it! Libraries are not only about reading books, it is about networking too. As a tip, do you know people who make time to come to the library are very intentional with their growth? Imagine connecting with people like these. It boosts your network, fosters growth in you too, and gives you access to the pool of experiences of like-minded people. All you need to do to meet your new friend is to dust your shoes and go to the library.

3. Libraries are only for kids: Although most people remember only visiting the library as kids, it is important to know that libraries are not only meant for children. That's why there is a Children's Section which gives access to a wealth of information meant to be consumed by kids. There are various sections (most of them, in fact) that can only be accessed by adults.

4. You can get in big trouble for late fines: Be calm, the library is not a correctional centre or a police station. Don't have your heart in your mouth because of late fines. Remember that librarians are humans too. So, talk to them and explain the issue you are facing as regards the fine. You will be helped to reach a consensus peacefully.

5. Librarians are too busy to help you: No! The librarians are there to guide and help you navigate through the effective usage of the library. They are never too busy for you (but this also does not mean you should be on their necks, hehe). When you hit a snag, reach out to them about what you are facing. They will be most willing to help you.

Now that you have realised some thoughts you have about libraries are nothing but misconceptions, does that mean you will give them a chance and start using them? If yes, ZODML Library is here for you! You will find us at 196, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State. See you!