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Nigeria, Trees and Elves - Books of the Week: August 12, 2013

By ZODML on 12 Aug, 2013


Looking for a good book to read? Every week, ZODML spotlights three great books from our extensive collection to inspire readers to try out books they might not have previously heard of. The selections fall under three major categories – fiction, non-fiction and children and young adult literature – so there’s a book to suit every taste. All of the books selected are available to borrow at our Community Library. Also check out our archives to see which books have been selected in the past.

Fiction: The Whispering Trees by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim Award-winning writer Abubakar Adam Ibrahim's debut collection of short stories employs nuance, subtle drama and deadpan humour to capture colourful Nigerian lives. There's the mysterious butterfly girl who might be an incarnation of Ohikwo's long dead mother, a white woman caught between two Nigerian brothers and an unfolding scandal, and two medicine men of Mazade who battle against their egos, an epidemic, and an enigmatic witch. Non-fiction: The Nigeria of Our Dream by Sam OU Igbe This book examines the origin of Nigeria and the growth, development and substance of its ethnic nationalities, from the "scramble for Africa" by European nations to sustain the Industrial Revolution, the acquisition and eventual amalgamation of British protectorates which became what is now known as Nigeria, and the evolution of independent Nigeria and years of military rule. Children and Young Adults: Billy and the West Wind by Enid Blyton While Billy is looking for his mother’s lost ring, he meets a tiny elf who has lost her wings too. The elf promises to find the lost ring if Billy will help her find her wings. What books are you reading this week? Share with us in the comments!

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