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On Nigerian Lives and a Plucky Orphan: Librarians' Book Picks

By ZODML on 31 Mar, 2014

Check out this week’s selection of great books chosen by our librarians! You can find all of these awesome titles and more at our Community Library at 196 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Looking for your next great read? Search our catalogue and e-library or browse previous picks for inspiration. 

Fiction: Dappled Things by Iweka Kingsley This novella captures several socio-cultural predicaments that characterize Nigeria. The story maps the experiences of two characters: Cindy and Maggie. It is a story of pain, passion, grief, strength, betrayal, faith, and love.

Iweka visited the library last Friday to read to primary school pupils - learn more about our CATHY programme here.

https://twitter.com/ZODML/statuses/449548067063476225 Non-fiction: Interventions: Volume Two by Wole SoyinkaThe second volume of three compiling lectures delivered by Professor Wole Soyinka on developments in the Nigerian polity. True to the nature of the writer, these essays simmer with intelligence, eloquence, and profundity.

Volume One of the series was a Librarian Pick last week - learn more about it here.

Children and Young Adults: The Runaway Hero by Peter Umez UcheBeing short can be a challenge for a boy of nine, especially if he lives among bullies in a crumbly old orphanage run by a stony-faced woman who wields a 'snake tongue.' But Kachi will have to find a way to survie all this and more when he stumbles upon the hideout of a gang of kidnappers...

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