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On Our Radar: The 2014 Nigerian Writers Series List

By Comfort Olukogbon on 28 Nov, 2014

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has revealed the list of successful authors for the 2014 Nigerian Writers Series (NWS). The series was announced on January 6, 2013 after the association received a ten million naira donation from Niger State governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu during the third Muaza Babangida Aliyu (MBA) International Literary Colloquium.

Last year, four publishers - The Book Company, Jemie Books, Kraftbooks, and Parrésia Publishers Ltd were chosen to team up with ANA to produce the series. According to the series's editors Professor Tanure Ojaide, Unoma Azuah, and Chuma Nwokolo, the call for submissions led to 38 valid entries which, after a detailed vetting process, was reduced to 10; we hope these ten titles become literary classics. The list of manuscripts for publication is below: [b]The Book Company [/b]

  • [i]Souza Boy[/i] by Elias Ozikpu
  • [i]Cupid’s Catapult[/i] by Hannah Onoguwe

[b]Jemie Books [/b]

  • [i]Burning Savannah[/i] by Hillary C. Anugba
  • [i]The Right Choice[/i] by Zahradeen Kallah
  • [i]The Oath[/i] by Habib Yaqoob

[b]Kraftbooks [/b]

  • [i]Crimson Clouds[/i] by Ayodele Arowosegbe
  • [i]The Threshing Floor[/i] by Isaac Ogezi

[b]Parrésia Publishers Ltd[/b]

  • [i]Cat Eyes[/i] by Pever X
  • [i]The Angel That Was Always There[/i] (a Memoir) by Julius Bokoru
  • [i]Patriots and Sinners[/i] by Nnenna Ihebom

Congratulations to the authors!

2014 Nigerian Writers Series - ANA

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