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Poems: Through a Broken Mirror by Olajide Salawu

Submitted by admin on 5 December 2014

my eyes are two pair of nuts
cracking illusion
videos of life
foaming imagination of mind
when people see
a pair of sea
they begin to select
which one is their death
The scene is an open sea.
the woman is the shark
the children are little dolphins
playing with Tiger blade
they are going to be playing
till in the mid-scene
one of them will have a cut
and blood will drip on the silent water
then the shark will light up
like raging sun on night
she is going to maul the little
children till the stage becomes
red sea, then quietitude, then end.
About the poet: Olajide Salawu is a graduate of English Literature from Obafemi Awolowo University. His poetry has appeared in Saraba Magazine, Stony Thursday Journal, and Paragrammers, among others.
Picture by Volkan Olmez