Ten Things We Love About Nigeria

By ZODML on Sun, 30/06/2013 - 22:40

We at ZODML aim to project a positive image of Nigeria through our Discover Nigeria section and our new @Discover_NG Twitter handle. So we thought, what better way than to list the ten things we love most about our beautiful country? Scroll down to see our picks. 1. Our food

Hungry yet?


From classics like egusi soup and jollof rice (don't forget the dodo and chicken!) to regional specialities such as kilishi and banga, nothing beats a Nigerian home-cooked meal for deliciousness. Images from here and here

2. Our music



Nigeria gave the world highlife, the Kuti musical dynasty, and D'banj. If Kanye West agrees, need we say more?

3. Our haggling skills
Haggling at a Nigerian market"N500, or I no go gree!"


You can never cheat a Nigerian, so don't even try.
4. Our dance skills



Our ancestors set the bar for the Azonto-ers and Michael Jackson.

5. Our writers
Things Fall Apart, Half of a Yellow Sun, Open City

A Nobel Laureate, Man Booker Prize and Women's Prize for Fiction winners, and more Caine Prize recipients than any other African countries - Nigerians are truly masters of the written word.

6. Our fashion
Nigerian couple in traditional clothing

From babariga to buba and iro, no one can deny the stylishness of Nigerians. Image source here

7. Our celebrations

Ain't no party like a Nigerian party cos we don't bother nobody - we just show up 4 hours late and make sure we collect all of the souvenirs. 8. Our cultural festivals

Argungu Fishing Festival, Kebbi State Scene at the Argungu Fishing Festival in Kebbi State


When it comes to celebrating our heritage - from New Yam to Eyo - we proudly share our culture and history with the world. Image from here 9. The way we talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soaZUh5nJ9s Even people from the world's superpowers love our language swag. 10. Our resilience

Nigerians have seen everything in the 52+ years since we gained independence from Britain - from civil war to natural disasters - but still we continue to persevere.

What do you love most about Nigeria? Share with us in the comments or by tweeting @Discover_NG!


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