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Time Management, an African Classic and a Grandfather's Legacy: #BookoftheWeek - February 10, 2014

By ZODML on 11 Feb, 2014

Looking for a good book to read? Every week, ZODML spotlights three great books from our extensive collection to inspire readers to try out books they might not have previously heard of. The selections fall under three major categories – fiction, non-fiction and children and young adult literature – so there’s a book to suit every taste. All of the books are available to borrow for free at our Community Library on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. Be sure to check out our archives to see which books have been selected in the past. 

Fiction: The Grandfather's Mandate by Dele A Sonubi The Grandfather’s Mandate is the story of a grandfather who bequeathed his title and socio-political ideology to one of his grandchildren, who transforms into a man bold and courageous enough to step into his grandfather’s huge and seemingly matchless footprints. Set within the Yoruba cultural civilisation of the south-western part of Nigeria, The Grandfather’s Mandate is a trilogy, which begins with the end of the grandfather’s era and the transfer of authority to the grandchild. Non-Fiction: Take Time! by Abiodun Olusoji Time is the seed of every desired harvest in life. And whatever you do with time today will determine your placement in life tomorrow. The chief aim of this book is to enhance your proactiveness and efficiency with the use of time, so that you can achieve more in life with the time you have while on earth. This book is inspired to change your life, revolutionise your time perspectives, and help you access your desired outcomes in every area of life. Children and Young Adults: The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kwei Armah This novel is a treatment of the theme of corruption wrought by poverty. It is the story of an upright man resisting the temptations of easy bribes and easy satisfactions and winning for his honesty nothing but scorn even from those he loves. Share your #BookoftheWeek picks with us in the comments or by tweeting @ZODML!

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