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Uniformed Sirs

By Julius Topohozin on 27 Jul, 2020

Which time uniformed sirs
turn devil younger brother...? Eeehn?
Young man dey waka jejelly for road
na so uniformed monsters grab am
enter dia wayo motor
talk say him be Yahoo Yahoo
young man wey dey use him leg
play football as job no dey for kontry

Na so dem push am comot

from their moving vehicle
as roja no rub palm!

Another Moto jam am
comot life for him body
like say him be fowl

Na who talk say uniformed sirs
be our friend?

Na who talk say bail na free?
Na who talk say our life secure
for this shalanga kontry?
Kontry wen citizens dey yamutu
like say dem be mosquito?

For where you fit see gofment
arrest uniformed sirs
wey kill innocent civilian?

Na for America that one dey happen,
no be for dis shalanga kontry.

I beg make a vex talk the talk
shoot condemnation to dem people,
these uniformed monsters
wey no get value for life!
Uniformed monsters
wey dey suck our future!

About the Author

Julius Topohozin is a graduate of English from the university of Ibadan.