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WATCH: Trailer for Andrew Dosunmu's Film 'Mother of George'

Submitted by admin on 13 August 2013

Nigerian filmmaker and photographer Andrew Dosunmu made a name for himself directing music videos for artists such as Isaac Hayes, Tracy Chapman and Common, after first working in fashion. His first feature film Restless City (2012) was praised for its strong visuals and his follow-up work Mother of George looks just as amazing: A description of the film from the blog Africa is a Country:
In “Mother of George,” time is the antagonist. The story is set in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, and the story stresses the complications of African immigrant life in New York City. The plot follows Adenike (Danai Gurira) as she struggles to conform to tradition with her new husband, restaurant proprietor Ayodele (Isaach De Bankolé). In a colorfully rich scene opening on the couple’s wedding reception, Adenike’s pushy mother-in-law, (Bukky Ajayi) announces that the couple’s first born will be named George. Time presses upon Adenike when after 18 months, she remains childless. Mild-mannered Ayodele seems unperturbed by their childlessness, leaving his nervous wife alone. The responsibility of conception, in the Yoruba tradition presented here, lies with the woman. With Adenike’s mother in law suggesting that Ayodele’s brother get involved for a conception to occur, Adenike makes a desperate act.
Below is a video of Dosunmu discussing the film and his background: Will you be watching Andrew Dosunmu's Mother of George? Let us know in the comments!