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The Worshippers Ode - A Poem by Pen Piper

By ZODML on 30 Oct, 2014

Today on the ZODML Poetry Corner: a poem shared by a fan of the ZODML Facebook page for your reading pleasure. Are you a writer or poet? Want to see your work on our blog and promoted on our social media channels? Send an email to [email protected]. 

We have come, eerie drummer

Worshippers to your rhythmic enclave

We have come, with palms raised up to heaven

To dance at your feet, to listen to the drumming of

Life's enchanted mist

We have come intractable breeds,

Retracting bulk to knock on your door

To hail thee the drummer we do not see,

Yet your deeds so implicit.

Recalcitrant yet must we learn

Like suckling to Mother's tit

Thirsty for Life's succulent milk,

To dance with fate on our fettered feet.


Rust is ripeness

Ripeness is rust

Like rootless stalks to shallow wind

we fall to ripeness

And to rust's repress

To sand...

About the author: Pen Piper is an upcoming African poet born and raised in Nigeria. He is a passionate writer with strong bias for issues pertaining to Unity and patriotism in Nigeria and Africa. He has a first degree in political science and currently pursuing a post graduate degree in peace and conflict resolution at the National Open University of Nigeria. A prolific and versatile writer, most of his works are yet to be published.

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