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Abraham by Chris Ezeani

I will tell you a tale of flesh and spirit mixed, angels, mighty feats and a rhyme to make it sweet. I will take you, east, through desert roads to a land now called Egypt; in the time of Pharaohs, when Abraham his tent pitched.

Indeed, like the sands of the desert floor, large already was Abraham's store at this time; in men, in maidens fine in livestock, and in wine. To him was wed, Sarai, a woman exceedingly beautiful to the eye. It seemed, that on all his endeavours had fortune smiled except in this, he had no child. A promise from God he had received, of descendants as the stars, Abraham hearing, believed, and thus fulfilled his part. He was an hundred at this time, twenty-five years had he journeyed in this land of sand and sunshine. As it is now, so it was in times past. The angels of the Lord, bearing gifts or word of advice would walk in our world as a human might. Abraham, having eyes that see, saw men from afar of and perceived them to be the Father's stewards. These men, three, brought him words from our Father, words of prophecy. They told him, 'seven months and five from now, to your wife will be born a child.' Again, he believed. As the Father said, to Abraham was born a son, from Sarah his beloved. They named him, Isaac, for in him their joy was complete. To Isaac was born Jacob, Abraham's grandson, from whom Israel, a great nation, was to come. A man like us, Abraham was his name. He believed God, and the father of many nations, he became.

About the writer: Chris Ezeani is a young poet studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Image: Abraham Sacrificing Isaac by Caravaggio


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