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ZODML Poetry Corner: Irresistible Love

By emmanuel.ndifon on 18 Jun, 2014


Deep in the gulf of love I searched for you... But the tall grasses of emotions wouldn’t let me find you... Tears of compassion... Love filled with passion Times without number, I fight On my toes to prove a point, is never a trot Yet still, in all my strives I rot Hoping to hold you, this time, very tight

Out of sight is never out of mind My love for you is tender Through me you shall not wander… Because I call you mine. Life might sometimes be arduous and even nefarious… With my love, it is marvelous Funny enough, my love is inevitable I am incomparable likewise imponderable

The desires of men are vain How possible will there realize the strength of my amity Their hearts is as empty as a ravenous rain… Why wouldn’t it, when all there chase is vanity, whereas am reality Like a mother and child, nothing stands before His love Indeed, I am a partaker of His eternal love.

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