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Patriots Cry - A Poem by Pen Piper

By ZODML on 13 Nov, 2014

This week's ZODML Poetry corner features another poem by Pen Piper, Do you write? Send your poems, short stories, book reviews and NYSC experience to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Where is tomorrow

When you said I shall be king?

Come, oh morning!

When I, my fellows lead!

Time I crawl on hands and knees

A leader tomorrow you said I’ll be

Now at mid-life my fellows reached

The promised tomorrow I am yet to see.

On this sad dune

A sombre stool I placed

For I shall sit to watch

The moon sleep.

Hidden behind the dark

Cloud of unending nights!

I will rumble with

The piper's drowsy tune

Knotting my feet with

The kindred spirit,

The right foot to hope

And the left, sacred sacrifice...

"Child, may your eyes not ache

Till you see the promised dawn!"


About the author: Pen Piper is an upcoming African poet born and raised in Nigeria. He is a passionate writer with strong bias for issues pertaining to Unity and patriotism in Nigeria and Africa. He has a first degree in political science and currently pursuing a post graduate degree in peace and conflict resolution at the National Open University of Nigeria. A prolific and versatile writer, most of his works are yet to be published.

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