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Fatai Rolling Dollar
Highlife musician

Fatah Rolling Dollar, whose real name is Olayiwola Fatai Olagunju, was a highlife musician. 
He was known for his skill with the guitar, an instrument he introduced into the Nigerian music industry.


Fatai Rolling Dollar was born on July 22, 1927, in the Abegede area of Lagos Island, Lagos State. He was born into a royal family from Ede, Osun State, and attended schools in Lagos. He moved to Ede in 1943 and took to music shortly after his father’s death.


He started his music career in 1953 with the Calabar band and introduced the guitar to the Nigerian music scene. The band was popular. After a four-year stint with the Calabar band, he formed Fatai Rolling Dollar and his African Rhythm Band, which included Ebenezer Obey, in 1957. The band produced many hit singles, including “Sisi Jaiye Jaiye” and “Won Bumi.”
Fatai fell on hard times and disappeared from the Nigerian music scene for several years.