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LagosPhoto Festival

The LagosPhoto Festival is an annual event organised by the African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) that seeks to establish a local community for contemporary photography.

Over the course of a month, local and international artists participate in workshops and seminars that provide a platform for the development of photographic talent and the expression of individual experience, identities and beliefs from across the continent. The project also aims to promote the use of art in public spaces as a means of stimulating social awareness through a series of outdoor and indoor exhibitions at famous Lagos landmarks such as the Falomo Roundabout, the University of Lagos and Muri Okunola Park, as well as through photo walks around the city’s neighbourhoods.

The inaugural festival took place from September to October 2010 and was themed “No Judgement: Africa under the Prism”; in 2013, the festival's theme was "The Megacity and the Non-City".

The festival also features an amateur photography competition open to all aspiring photographers living and working in Lagos that showcases the talent and vitality of the city.

All photos © African Artists' Foundation

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